This is my first contribution to this site which I have been using for a while now, for some lovely insight on what the community thinks of what is good and bad about different aspects of the game. Suffice to say I know when someone's having a good time they are hardly expected to come relay that to us. It appears Negativity seems to fit nicely in the comments sections so I expect no less from this.

I do not really know if this platform even suits the activity I endeavour to produce here but again, you will let me know. 

I have here a riddle, one about a specific entity of Warframe. If this is to kick off I do not wish to limit myself so it can be ANY entity. From those tiny balls that roll around that emit nothing but pure love, to those large Stretch Armstrong that actually emit nothing but love. 

I will give a reward to the answer that both gives a correct answer, and tells me how that correct answer describes each line in the riddle. If you do not do this, I will not be willing to give you the prize. 

Since so far we have only comments, It will be the first comment that has the entirety of the answer required. (PLEASE BARE IN MIND ITS PC ONLY) 

As this is in testing, I hope you are all under the correct assumption that the prizes are not going to be massive. I will firstly give away 500,000 Credits but if I get positive feedback...... then I will up the ante so to speak, to fusion cores x 20, Mod of winners choice or even platinum in its raw form. 

I also understand that its a lot more fun when you come to the conclusion yourself, so I request that you at least try to solve it yourself before looking at the comments.

  1. 1
  • ---------------------------------------------------------*

Sloth like man, quite the reject

held his bread, he is no insect

Getting his way like a child so petulant

not one to be described as intelligent  

the first is rage via tunnel vision

cardinal of the next with beauty will glisten

three will help bring the pain

four makes your foes efforts all in vain

  • ---------------------------------------------------------* 

This one I believe is rather simple, the next one would not be so easy. (feedback pending)    

My last one, though easy went well and I got some positive feedback. Thank you.

I have therefore created a new one, about another item in Warframe. Enjoy!... I have tried to make contact with the previous winner Rhekinos but have had no luck so far. I will make this a weekly article from now on, to keep a steady balance between quality and quantity.

Again. Answers that give the correct answer, and give a decent link if not correct to each line will be given the reward.

  1. 2


Held back for the elite,
obtaining me is no trivial feat.
A V family with every embrace
above the clouds I dare not face.

I am, the bread and butter
working perfectly as I sputter.
Brought in within the nine
a day passes for you to be mine.

Held by many of the same,
held by you just play the game.
I do not care much for the hack
just the slash, my spiral pack.


I am hoping to gradually increase the difficulty, though I understand that difficulty is in the eye of the beholder. It is also hard to determine the difficulty since I already know the answer and build around that.

I understand that its a lot more fun when you come to the conclusion yourself, so I request that you at least try to solve it yourself before looking at the comments

Please reference the riddle upon answer Also if anyone has any ideas of a better platform more suited to this sort of activity please do not hesitate to let me know on my wall. Kind Regards.

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