• A Lone Tenno

    So I've seen a great many posts about how a person has hunted the Stalker/Harvester (lol)/or Grustrag 3 for many months, years etc. hunting for that last elusive piece/blueprint (looking at you Despair/Hate).  Now it would obviously be unfair if these unique drops were tradeable like normal items. I.E.  Trading Dread blueprint or what have you for plat/item/key or whatever.  What I suggest instead is that these items be tradeable for each other on a 1:1 to basis.  You can add the ability to allow them to be traded 1:1 along with other stuff (let's be honest I'm talking about plat) but the trade always has to be 1:1 with the unique item.  Depending on how you want to implement it you could of course make it so only the Stalker's items are t…

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  • A Lone Tenno

    So out of curiousity I thought it would be interesting to see what the material collection rate is for Titan Extractors.  Especially if need to farm less rare resources (looking at you Salvage).  I'll be posting my own data but if anyone else wants to contribute please post what extractor you used (Titan, Prime, Distilling), the planet, and type of resource collected:

    Number of times resources collected

    Common Uncommon Rare Research


    Earth 3 1

    Jupiter 5









    1 3

    Highest and lowest amount of resources collected
    Extractor High Low
    Alloy Plate Titan 1,111 (Ceres) 1,111 (Ceres)
    Ferrite Titan 755 (Earth) 490 (Earth)
    Nano Spores

    Polymer Bundle

    Salvage Titan 1176 (Jupiter) 472 (Jupiter)

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  • A Lone Tenno

    Going off the work byTrainer772 Here I've been working on completing my Codex.  Of course, that topic was only updated through 11.5 and there have been many changes since then and some things that had little or no information.  So I'm going to share what I've found so far in my attempts to complete my Codex and what "research" I've done into some of the more rare entries.  Also, I'm on the PS4 so I don't have access to the Update 13 Codex yet and nobody has updated the Wiki so I'm not sure what is added.

    General Tips:

    • Loki may be great for stealth but Nekros has Shadows of the Dead.  Stealth scans count as 2 scans but if you scan then kill them then Shadows of the Dead you can scan them again which is useful for a lot of these rarer enemies …
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