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    Well guys, It's been a while since I blog but this one,well let's just say a crap ton of fun happened last night.Now that my friends are back into Warframe, we could do more fun stuff just like this.

    Since the rhino rework came out recently, I thought I might just test out something.

    As it is stated, Rhino Charge is no longer affected by duration and now is affected by power range. Using Rhino Charge with Iron Skin will cause a Blast proc upon impact with the enemies. Now, from this statement you'll probably guess what I did that night. Yes, it's all about the ragdoll and Rhino Charge. Since ragdoll has beem improved to become awesome, things are about to get real. Enough talking, so here's my personal build for the funtime.

    As you see in thi…

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    Warframe Reworks

    September 16, 2015 by Absolutecondzero

    Okay so we know about how DE are working on Warframe reworks plus twea kingand we have seen the result of their work. For example, Excalibur with his Exalted Blade and Frost with some changes with his abilities. Let's take a look at pre-rework Excalibur and Frost first.

    • He is suppose to be a versatile frame that beginners love but he is unable to be on par with some other frames when it comes to endgame content.
    • Base model for all frames. This can be proved when you completed a mission and you see Excalibur instead of your chosen frame.
    • Slash Dash was used as more for mobility than damage as enemies don't always end up in a straight alley way anyways.
    • Radial Blind is as good as it was.
    • Super Jump was an escape and mobility type of skill besides…

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    Now this is gonna be a tiny talk about the host migration system. This is just an opinion so don't go booing around on this post. Now, the host migration thing has been bothering me for a while. I would say I rather find it a bit annoying so let me clear out the details.

    • Host migration always happen when you don't want them to. Just like in Survival or Defense or  even Law of Retribution. That moment when you got something good and things are almost over then 'it' happens. This is how I feel sometimes : (T_T)
    • The other thing would be how sometimes you got separated from the squad when 'it' happens and you're the only one there. It's a bit odd and sad when that happens because I was on Skype with my friends and they told me how they're all al…
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             Okay so, we all heard about the new stuff than came in U17 and how everyone is crying to nerf like literally everything. As the title suggest, DE should improve the gameplay of Warframe instead of nerfing things and making more new things. Here's a few things that DE's could've done to improve the gameplay:

    Okay, so as a veteran player in Warframe, every boss is very easy when you have the right equipment. The only reason I kill bosses are either to get something new or to farm for Neural Sensors. What DE should do is make the boss battles into multiple stages. We can obviously see this example in the recent Tyl Regor boss fight how the pipes leak then the water floods in then manics arrive. I can give my example on the Jackal.
    • 1st s…

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