Well guys, It's been a while since I blog but this one,well let's just say a crap ton of fun happened last night.Now that my friends are back into Warframe, we could do more fun stuff just like this.

Blast From The Past (Rhino/Prime)

Since the rhino rework came out recently, I thought I might just test out something.

As it is stated, Rhino Charge is no longer affected by duration and now is affected by power range. Using Rhino Charge with Iron Skin will cause a Blast proc upon impact with the enemies. Now, from this statement you'll probably guess what I did that night. Yes, it's all about the ragdoll and Rhino Charge. Since ragdoll has beem improved to become awesome, things are about to get real. Enough talking, so here's my personal build for the funtime.

As you see in this picture, this is what I have on:

Rhino Charge 2.0 build

  • Max Steel Charge for aura
  • Max Vitality (Not neccesary if you have an EV Trin)
  • R5 Blind Rage 
  • Max Intensify
  • R6 Transient Fortitude
  • Max Overextended
  • Max Streamline
  • Max Fleeting Expertise
  • Max Stretch

Now, some might be wondering why are some of my mods not maxed. Well, this is a personal build of mine and I just love balanced gameplay. You could swap out the Vitality for something else for Power Duration for Roar to increase you charge damage.

What I did yesterday with my friend was a defense on Xini, Eris because the Infested are probably the best faction to ragdoll around. He was an EV Trin and I was the Rhino. 5 waves of Infested flying around was crazy epic so Try it for yourself.

I also thought of a 4 man squad for maximum fun and gameplay where it consists of:

  1. Rhino/Prime
  2. EV Trin/Prime
  3. Fast Nova/Prime
  4. Another Rhino/Prime for a Roar build

I'm not sure about Banshee's Sonar/Resonance if it will work together but feel free to try it out.

Darthmuffin, if you're reading this, thy must try. Peace out.

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