Now this is gonna be a tiny talk about the host migration system. This is just an opinion so don't go booing around on this post. Now, the host migration thing has been bothering me for a while. I would say I rather find it a bit annoying so let me clear out the details.

  • Host migration always happen when you don't want them to. Just like in Survival or Defense or  even Law of Retribution. That moment when you got something good and things are almost over then 'it' happens. This is how I feel sometimes : (T_T)
  • The other thing would be how sometimes you got separated from the squad when 'it' happens and you're the only one there. It's a bit odd and sad when that happens because I was on Skype with my friends and they told me how they're all alone in the mission and no one is together.
  • The other thing is when the host migrates and one guy got disconnected and all of us are figuring out who is the new host. It's small but a bit troublesome because some people might not care whether or not that one guy is absent.
  • Finally, host migration happens and I get every gamers worst nightmare, the one and only LAG. Usually happens when the non-host player has really bad internet. When it migrates, he gets the smooth gameplay and the other 3 of us lags horribly.Thus we decided to bail out of the mission due the unbearable gameplay/ LAG is real!!.

So this is my second blog of the time that I spent here. Do comment down below on what you think about host migration and leave a link in the comment section to a page that has all details about host migration and what DE is trying to do to make it better. And please don't take it seriously, it's just an opinion.

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