Okay so we know about how DE are working on Warframe reworks plus twea kingand we have seen the result of their work. For example, Excalibur with his Exalted Blade and Frost with some changes with his abilities. Let's take a look at pre-rework Excalibur and Frost first.

Excalibur (Pre-Rework)

  • He is suppose to be a versatile frame that beginners love but he is unable to be on par with some other frames when it comes to endgame content.
  • Base model for all frames. This can be proved when you completed a mission and you see Excalibur instead of your chosen frame.
  • Slash Dash was used as more for mobility than damage as enemies don't always end up in a straight alley way anyways.
  • Radial Blind is as good as it was.
  • Super Jump was an escape and mobility type of skill besides reaching high up places before parkour 2.0 was introduced.
  • Radial Javelin was the only pure damage ability that he had as Slash Dash wasn't really viable cause enemies are not always lining up for their death.

Frost (Pre-Rework)

  • Only recruited for his snow globe.
  • Freeze mechanic at that time was a bit illogic because after you use Freeze on an enemy and you melee or shoot him, he will move back like a chicken that started moving after I touched it even though it was in the freezer.
  • Ice Wave was fine back then but tweaking made it better.
  • Snow Globe is also fine but Duration was a set back that time as you need to mod for Duration and that takes a few mod slots. Honestly I don't think Snow Globe will ever be perfectly balanced but hey no one's perfect. :D
  • Avalanche was a pure AOE damage that does not leave any status effect. It is strong and powerful nevertheless.

We know that DE is currently looking at a few frames for a rework such as Valkyr,Saryn and Ember. I understand why Valkyr needs a rework. So here are my opinion on why those frames need a rework.


  • Rip Line isn't used as often as it used to be since Parkour 2.0 was introduced. If I was to tweak it, Valkyr could hang on to the Rip Line at a hanging position while firing mid-air but it's just a suggestion.
  • War Cry is fine as it is awesome with its augment.
  • Paralysis will need some sort of tweaking cause spamming it for maybe 10 shield is a bit odd. I'm not sure why.
  • Hysteria needs a bit of tweaking. I always wished she had longer claws. I also didn't prefer the Hysterian Stance as most of the combos are roughly the same . I do wish that it is more unique like Exalted Blade's stance. Plus I hold the RMB while using Hysteria because that's the only combo that could hit offspreys, my worst enemy.


  • Her first ability ain't that effective due to the low damage and usability.
  • Molt works just fine. It might need a tiny improvement or tweaking.
  • Contagion also works fine but it might need some extra buffs.
  • Miasma gets used a lot and people are spamming it all over the place. The 'Press 4 to WIn' factor. Plus spreading a huge area of corrosive and toxic spores that has a duration? Man that's one weird cloud. I think it is affected by duration since it has a dps.


  • Oh yea she needs a rework. Fireball is a fine ability so I don't know about a rework.
  • Accelerant is also fine even though it has a weird logic to it. I don't like how your weapon must have pure fire elemental build but not a combined build. Gas has fire in it so add some damage please? Unless you  stuck 5 Formas and placed some Corrosive/Fire build then only the stun is worth it.
  • Now, Fire Blast. This ability does really low amount of damage. The ring damage might need a bit of tweaking. From how I see this, Fire Blast should act kinda like snow globe like burning enemies within the ring. The only thing I find useful is the way it spreads and the knockback it gives enemies.
  • World on Fire. Now, it is a good ability overall but 400 damage is bit low but I don't mind. The mechanics work fine but it might need a bit of improvement such as Fireballs floating around Ember's head and it gives her a damage reduction of 30% or something.

There are other frames that might need to be rework or tweaked plus I'm pretty sure there are some lovers over crying. These are the frames that I am mentioning:


  • Pull works just fine. Maybe a bit of tweaking should make it awesome somehow.
  • Shield Polarise and its augment is a fine ability and it works the best on the Corpus.It is only good to blow up those offspreys and see 20 Corpus blow up in a blue gas. Shield Transference is fine but it will be cool if it could also overshield allies.
  • Bullet Attractor is never used at all even though its okay. Unless they create some augment called Bullet Deflector and deflect bullets from Mag then barely anyone will use it. Even the veteran players don't use it that often like me. I don't know why but it's one of those abilities that are cool but forgotten. Someone make me use it. T_T.
  • Crush and it augment counter part is okay but it will need tweaking. Crush provides the stun needed for CC in a way but Fracturing Crush is just trash. I admit I was very disappointed when I tried it out. I'd expect enemies' armor to reduce instantly and last for 8 seconds but instead it takes 4 seconds to reduce their armor. But the time their armor is reduced they'll be standin up shooting at us.


  • Shock is a good ability but it needs to chain more people or do more damage if it will be worthy of using.
  • Speed is just fine cause people still use it for something.
  • Electric Shield also works just fine because of them red crits.
  • I have nothing to say about Overload because I have my reasons. You Volt users should know the reason.


  • Tempest Barrage is a really cool skill. Reminds me of DOTA a lot. It works very fine but I think that the radius of attack needs to be bigger as it stuns enemy and makes them fall down (Impact).
  • Tidal Surge reminds me a lot of Rhino Charge and I love it. This ability lacks nothing because it is really cool and you gotta admit it. It works just fine.
  •  Undertow is probably the funniest ability of all. It is awesome so I kinda wished it can hold either more enemies or you can move while in water mode cause your allies will see a puddle of water moving around. Needs a tiny tweak but it is fun to use.
  • Tentacle Swarm is a fun ability. Whatever stuff you're thinking about funnily, stop it. Upon casting it, you can see the circular radius with your energy colour and that determines where the Tentacles will be. It needs tweaking to be more consistent of its tentacle position instead of flailing inconsistently at random places. The mechanic is a bit weird as it seems that enemies sometimes will die instantly even though they have full health. So it seems like sometimes it bugs out by insta-killing the enemies.


All of her abilities are just fine. It's just that with the introduction of parkour 2.0, things like Tail Wind works a bit odd. I also can't adapt to the long air time that she has compared to last time. I don't like having to do a ground melee slam just to get down. Sure I could use Dive Bomb to get down but to use 25 energy just to get down but I prefer to use Turbulence to increase survivability and not waste 25 energy just to get down 3 meters. I still love her gameplay nevertheless. I did this upon a request on the comment section.

Personally I don't see anything wrong with her.

Therefore, some frames need tweaking and maybe some need rework. So hope DE pulls through.

P.S. Sorry if I offended anyone with my pre-edit blog. I always write my blog when I was sleepy so my brain was a bit off. If you have any opinions or something like that, do comment in a debating style cause it sounds more professional that way. Love you all. <3

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