Okay so, we all heard about the new stuff than came in U17 and how everyone is crying to nerf like literally everything. As the title suggest, DE should improve the gameplay of Warframe instead of nerfing things and making more new things. Here's a few things that DE's could've done to improve the gameplay:

1.Make the bosses more challenging

Okay, so as a veteran player in Warframe, every boss is very easy when you have the right equipment. The only reason I kill bosses are either to get something new or to farm for Neural Sensors. What DE should do is make the boss battles into multiple stages. We can obviously see this example in the recent Tyl Regor boss fight how the pipes leak then the water floods in then manics arrive. I can give my example on the Jackal.
  • 1st stage he fights normally.
  • 2nd stage when its health gets to 60%, it increases it fortifies itself and release a bombard of homing rockets to players and this can be stopped by shooting a glowing weakpoint on his head. Thus he will resume to fight normally.
  • Final stage, it will get 6 more guns to shoot the sides and back and fire rapidly at their respective directions. It also releases a bombard of rockets dropping it randomly around it. this happens when its health gets to 20%.

2. Fixing the enemies as logic does not apply to them. Certain ones. More examples:

  • Bombards
​'​          'I saw this on the forums where DE Rebecca ask questions to the Warframe community and one of it was about the bombard. Lets examine this dude.
  • 1, Fires 2-3 rockets per second while the Ogris can only fire 1 at a time.
  • 2, The auto-targeting system is way to flawless to avoid unless you bullet jump above it.
  • 3, Explosions penetrate thick walls , wtf man
  • 4, Fires rockets even though the player is right in front of it.
  • 5, Does not take damage from its own rocket
  • 6, His allies does not take damage from its rockets.
​Thats probably one of the few enemies that needs to be fix.

3. Fix the AI's aimbot level

​The enemies have better accuracy than us even though we kill more of them. Seriously? I mean wth. Even with the introduction of Parkour 2.0 they still can hit us. The enemies should have the normal aim as a player only that they will be affected by a lot of things. Even in PvP its hard to aim while bullet timing and bullet jumping.What DE should do:
  • Make the enemies do a transition  if you jump over them or bullet jump over them cause humans would look up then turn around if something flew pass them.
  • The enemies should have a limited LoS,Line of Sight of players. I know that they tried to use this concept on Warframe's abilities and it didnt work that well. So why not use it on the enemies? They don't have advanced tech like our frames that we're wearing.

​4. Create more unique mission types from the existing ones

      I'm  bored of the same old game mode and doing it over and over again just because of RNGesus. It's so limited and the missions are self explanatory. Here's what DE could do to make things more interesting:

  • Combine mission types like Survival and Sabotage where you have to sabotage a reactor then survive for 10 to 20 minutes because the reactor causes some malfunction to the ship and it will take a while for The Lotus to find an exit. Enemies will try to take you down with them.
  • Use RNGesus to create random events or occurence like what DE did with the assasins. Maybe the Corpus happened to attack  a Grineer ship and they started boarding or maybe some Infested got loose and started spreading and wrecking havoc.
  • Create a limit to certain missions where you can't use certain weapon types or frame abilities.

Last but not least,

5.Give us more STORYLINE!!

Besides lores made by people such as DKDiamantes and the rather stupid synthesis scanning mission, the story is rather dull and empty. Even the tutorial is about Tennos waking up and killing some old man besides getting some rare antique ship and that's all. At least add more story to the game. What's the point of being the spiritual successor of Dark Sector if you have no storyline. If I could help, what I would do is:

  • Allow players to unlock more story as they rank up and obtain more weapons besides playing new missions at unknown planets.
  • Add more information to the history of frames and weapons on how it was created or made.
  • Last but not least, tell us something about the Old War for crying out loud. We all know about the war but yet we don't know a single thing about it besides the Orokin and the Sentient did exist. We don't know how did they look like, what do they do, how did things look like back then and especially who we are. In the Chinese (China) version of Warframe, the lore states that Tennos are humans with flesh and blood. Then why are we not informed of this? Why is this not confirmed? Come on DE I don't want to play a game if its just a run and gun and fly above the sky. Even Half Life did a better job than Warframe as the protagonist didn't even talk but yet there was the story.

In conclusion, spread the word of my blog and comment down below on your opinions and maybe suggest something that needs to be discussed about in Warframe. I will read it and think about it. I might do another blog like this if I have the time.

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