• Adhito

    Light & Dark

    August 6, 2017 by Adhito

    Hi , so this is a fictional story about Prime , Regular & Umbra Warframe , Enjoy !!

    A millenia ago we expanded into the unmonitored, unknown universe far more faster than the human history, but within this huge amount of progress come with the cost of humanity now ruled with dictatorship yet still with justice & morale called the Orokin Empire

    Our vision was with the hope of establishing an outer colony for our dying homeplanet before it's too late, but our dreams crumbled when the Sentients attacked, it nearly ended the orokin empire but when we all ( Tenno ) defeated the sentients we'd realized that we are far more powerful than we'd ever imagine, we also realize that we can topple this great yet evil empire for good

    We started the attack,…

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