Hi , so this is a fictional story about Prime , Regular & Umbra Warframe , Enjoy !!

A millenia ago we expanded into the unmonitored, unknown universe far more faster than the human history, but within this huge amount of progress come with the cost of humanity now ruled with dictatorship yet still with justice & morale called the Orokin Empire

Our vision was with the hope of establishing an outer colony for our dying homeplanet before it's too late, but our dreams crumbled when the Sentients attacked, it nearly ended the orokin empire but when we all ( Tenno ) defeated the sentients we'd realized that we are far more powerful than we'd ever imagine, we also realize that we can topple this great yet evil empire for good

We started the attack, it was soon followed by countless victory over victory. The Dax soldiers are no match for our superior strength

The war now reached into the Orokin capital, we sent a recon team which the main goal is infiltrate the capital and extract precious data, to prepare our final attack and end Orokin Empire for good,  all went well until at the final moment to extract the data,  they said the were attacked by somekind of “ Demons" before they lost contact with us, but the data transfer was completed. We were surprised our recon team was annihilated that easy, the team consisted only several,  but still they were a highly trained for espionage mission 

We fear the worst, so we gather as many Tenno to launch the final attack at the Orokin Capital. When we arrived nothing attacked us, we had a bad feeling about this, we try to find our lost recon team but it was halted when we encounter a group of enemies in our radar, we sneaked and prepared the attack " On my mark " said the team leader, after waiting for the perfect moment we synergies our attack and give a devastating blow,

After the smoke clear out we couldn't believe what we saw, it was a humanoid silhouette still standing unharmed, they deflected and dodged our attack, How is this possible?? Even the sentients could not survive such a devastating attack, shortly after that a loud alert on my hud notify that the humanoid figure had a large amount of void energy similar like our warframe, a second scan results a positive indication of an Margulis Implantation on it, similar but modified.

We fear the worst so we gather our strength and attack for the second time , it was the bloodiest battle that we ever fought, where we also lost many. We were still uncertain of what was those demons were. But those "Demons" matched with a confidential files data extracted from the recon team, under Void section named Project Umbra, and by that we call them The Umbra's

Perhaps the orokin knew that sometime in the future this day would come, so they started creating those demons

Operator Owl, Signing out

Special Thanks to RavenChorus :D

Also to add my opinion , i felt somehow that this is somehow connected to the choice that we made during the War Within Quest , Moon control Umbra , Sun control Prime , Neutral control the Regular Warframe??

This is just my theory and goofing around please share your thought on comments section , i love talking about Warframe lore :D

Well thanks for reading !!!

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