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    Upon hours or trial and error + re-watching Devstreams while searching for information this still isn't perfect so please feel free to tell me if I made a mistake! Probably the most I ever written. Also, sorry the 2 Warframes didn't get pictures, but I felt it was unnecessary as to how widely known they already were.

    There has been a nod down to the Login 2.0 System lately across the community, since you get higher rewards for being a higher rank (Primed Mods, Yes). Otherwise, this is what we have by far.

    Maybe my friends here at the Wiki are right that I need to get my game together. "Regis why are you still that Mastery Rank?" just max out already, "I refuse!!!"

    Writing this took hours. Messed up Source coding more than once and had problems …

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  • AdmiralRegis

    DE is coming up with one of the biggest Updates in Warframe yet. With many new features and returns of many faces in Warframe. The incredible Update is known to include: the remade J3-Golem boss which was designed for Archwing, The Dragon Themed Warframe, a New Underwater Archwing Tileset, the opening of Darvo's Shop, a Greatswords Stance?, New PVP Gameplay, Improved Gameplay Mechanics like Parkour 2.0 and definitely Raids! Oh and 2 two enemies? And a very sudden surprise.

    The most anticipated part in Update 16. This will be very interesting to see how this enemy battles and reacts to our Warframes. And what could the boss be that drops Chroma? For more current info head to the Sentient page


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  • AdmiralRegis

    As you read through this I want you to think about what could have made all of these units to be in the Void and Corrupted. Feel free to also place your thoughts on here or what you think about my thoughts. You can also correct me somewhere if I'm wrong.

    As I have many questions about the Corrupted. What makes the Corrupted have this certain color scheme? It is also strange that their whole appearance changed to Gold and White after becoming indoctrinated by the Neural Sentry. There is no explanation to why and how? What implants the implanted controlling devices on them? (Maybe the Neural Sentries?) Or what they are captured by after being left for dead inside the Void as both the Grineer and Corpus has crossed into the Void. It seems most…

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