As you read through this I want you to think about what could have made all of these units to be in the Void and Corrupted. Feel free to also place your thoughts on here or what you think about my thoughts. You can also correct me somewhere if I'm wrong.

As I have many questions about the Corrupted. What makes the Corrupted have this certain color scheme? It is also strange that their whole appearance changed to Gold and White after becoming indoctrinated by the Neural Sentry. There is no explanation to why and how? What implants the implanted controlling devices on them? (Maybe the Neural Sentries?) Or what they are captured by after being left for dead inside the Void as both the Grineer and Corpus has crossed into the Void. It seems most enemies, became indoctrinated by the Neural Sentry (Most Grinner or Corpus venture into the Towers in search of Treasure). After being implanted and controlled; every entity seems to have a bluff to their Health and Shields somehow.

All enemies except the Corrupted Bomber in the game carry normal weapons from their original counterparts or no difference in the way the weapons work.


It is speculated that Corrupted Vor led some of his troops into the Void corrupting them in the process. Vor is most likely due to him not actually being taken over by a Tower's neural sentry and is simply only influenced or brainwashed by the thoughts of his key, meaning maybe Void Keys can receive people, but in turn the individual turns either fully or partially corrupted in the process. It is also shown he still has some direct influence on the Grineer as he is shown to lead some Grinner into the Void.

Corrupted Bombards appear to have different versions of the Orgis weapon used by their normal counterparts. Same in appearance, but the missiles seem to be formed of golden energy, and have a short, brightly-glowing trail instead of the normal missiles fired by the Grineer's normal version of the Orgis. It is unknown why they are different and how the weapons became so. Why is only this weapon different?


The Corpus's Fusion MOA was made by being infused with Orokin technology and you can see that mechanical enemies don't have any devices attached to them to control them. Making it seem the Orokin had mastery over Robotics maybe having a type of device in the Void itself controlling the MOAs. It could be the fact that it was made from Orokin material is what made it easy to control as the Corpus brought the Fusion MOAs into the Void. Which also could mean they were traveling into the void with their creators (The Corpus), they turned on the Corpus and left them left for dead inside the Void as the results of being controlled by the Tower.

This goes pretty much the same for the Fusion MOA Drone. However, it is said that the Fusion MOA Drone is labeled as "Attack Drone" in the Codex which confuses me (On the Wiki Page "Drone"). I will have to check that also. But its attacks are very similar to the turrets inside the Void Towers. The Oxium Osprey is an actual Orokin Upgrade like the Fusion MOA however.

Corrupted Nullifiers have a golden nullification field, as opposed to the standard version's blue. Which is an upgrade to the normal Nullifier's field. Unknown to how this upgrade was possible. They carry an energy field generator; is it possible somehow certain items and equipment are upgraded in a special way? The question is how are they upgraded? Otherwise, they are fitted with Orokin Ammunition, Equipment etc.?


Now Ancient Healers are hundreds of years of old (May be dated from the Old War as it is unknown for how they came to be). Meaning Ancient Healers somehow could have already been inside the Orokin Void (Many, however, were already trapped inside the Void for centuries), but were uncontrollable and therefore needed a device to control it. Or it is possible, it somehow traveled to the Void Towers. Ancients are the only type of Infested Unit inside the Void Towers, meaning, of course the Technocyte Virus didn't spread to every Orokin place, which many already know. So, the Ancient Healers may have been maybe test subjects of the one first Technocyte Virus entities, but as with other Infested became uncontrollable. I explore the Ancient Healers more below.

Also Ancients have a similar Orokin Crown behind their back (Similar to Lephantis). I don't know what that gives away, but does that mean they were once some type of Orokin Entity before becoming their current distorted form, if that is true? (It must mean there were other types of previous originally infested also, since most units appear to be Grineer and Corpus entities or newly created by Alad V. Or is it possible Alad V did not create new Infested, but rather rediscovered/unlocked their strand) Then again, I could be wrong since the Lotus said they were a type of plant-like lifeforms. In the Cicero Crisis it is said that the Orokin created super plants on Earth with Centuries of manipulation; It is very most likely that the Orokin indeed created them, but since they are a plant-like lifeform, does Earth's plant manipulation have anything to do with the Ancients?


Is it possible for Tenno to become Corrupted? I'm sure many Tenno have fallen inside the Void Towers so is it possible for them to become somehow corrupted?

The Prime Version of the Warframes. When were they made? After the Tenno defeated the Sentients, not most likely, since they are more of Orokin Origin. It seems they made an evolved version of the Warframe soon after the originals were made as if they were still unable to fight the Sentients with enough brute force. Frost Prime has the similar Orokin rings as the Corrupted Enemies, meaning something there or coincidence?

If you've been to the Void, you may have noticed that the Corrupted are adorned in white and gold. Why is this? Aren't they just mind-controlled standard troops of various factions? When Nyx uses mind control on an enemy, it doesn't change colors... meaning the process of corruption is more than mind control. An interesting concept provided by (PS4)NearlyDedicated. More here:

Orokin Neural Sentries BECAME TOO POWERFUL? It is true that the Towers are widely "one" of the most secure places the Orokin probably had access to. That makes me wonder when exactly the Orokin died and when the Tenno went into sleeping, because for a fact I know the current enemies of the Towers didn't exist a few centuries ago. If it is possible that Neural Sentries did indeed become too powerful, then shouldn't they have corrupted other previous entities also? Another look at it is, the reason today they are so far out of the Sol System inside the Void is for that reason and the Orokin decided to forget about these Towers forever. Many other speculations about the Towers still remain. More of that below:


Those are just some ideas of what I speculate about the Corrupted and think about them. What I like to see is more information about the Corrupted. There is none if close very little to no Lore about them. Also, I like to see actual Orokin enemies like the Orokin Drone. So, I'm very interested in the Lore of the Corrupted. Many people also don't bring up much about the corrupted, yet we all seem to play and stay in Void Mission/Towers the longest.

And if they ever do a big update, they should have an update of the Awakening of a powerful Orokin entity, since the Orokin aren't extinct I believe, but instead they only disappeared.

So just give me your thoughts about this. I will add, change, or revise if I need for this post.

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