(This is good for people who won't have time to read or play automatically when the Update comes out for PC and of course, the Console players who are awaiting this Update as well)

Warframe Second Dream - Update 18 has arrived. Undo into the Void new secrets.

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Yes, its this time of the year again! With our Christmas spirits slowing rising up (Or Hanukkah), Digital Extremes is making the best for the best holiday for the year. Update 18 is coming rather very soon and we all excited to see what new additions + revamps come up. By, far not too much information has truly been released, but that will do for now!

(*) - Live With Update 18


Q: What topics will be discussed for Update 18?

A: We will be mainly talking about various content that will have a more massive impact on Warframe content such as the Orokin Moon Tileset, preceding Warframes, Gameplay Modes (PVE, PVP), or Mechanics. This content is mainly the newer focused content going to be added to Warframe rather than a few minor revamps.

Q: Minor Topics?

A: There will be quite a few minor topics in this review. Generally Minors, will be a huge impact or not, but will be topics of smaller impact from the game such as visuals or re-balances. Some very heavily asked content for, such as the Prime Vaults where this one will be the return of Frost Prime and Items for a limited time or the Login Reward System rework. Much of Mechanics will also be split into smaller Minor Topics showing Trading as its main subject.


Warframe - Ivara*

First things first. Our next upcoming Warframe is named Ivara the Archer Warframe, the 6th "Official" Stealth Warframe, except this time DE has fully optimized her instead for Stealth. First revealed in Devstream 64 last week along with abilities. She is more imagined as a Master Pickpocket Robin.

Here's a Gameplay video on her: Warframe - Ivara Gameplay, but if you want a more descriptive touch on her then watch the Devstream instead here Devstream 64

She is another Warframe to have her own weapon. For her abilities, she has an energy bow that launches the projectiles. And her Warframe cloth material is a sort of flowing cloth similar to Equinox's physics.

Ivara was the chosen name out of Artemis, Locksley and Willow. I personally liked Artemis, but Ivara is also unique and if it was Artemis I will expect "Artemis" to be badass nonetheless. (Sheldon wanted Artemis (However, Artemis made it as an ability) while Rebecca wanted Willow).

Ivara will be obtainable through Spy vaults.


I - "Versatile Ouiver": Her first power can cycle between four different bolt types, each one able to do its own unique Ability. You will able to even direct your bolt for better accuracy onto your target area. This ability will be above Abilities in your UI instead as opposed to the original way being that it lets you select the bolts. You can also guide the bolt, explained more in the 2nd ability as it is similar.

Her bolts can currently create: - An AoE stealth zone - Now you and your friends can hide together. - An AoE sleep effect - The enemies never get enough sleep anyways, no wonder they're never at peak performance. - Up to four ziplines - Now you may reach the impossible places with ease. - An AoE lure to group enemies - Effectively lure them in as little puppies would for a treat.

  • Any players can use the stealth zone and ziplines that Ivara creates, the bolt can also be shot onto an ally such as Frost effectively making him a portable/moving stealth zone (The Sentinel can also be used as well!). The Stealth Zone allows an AoE effectively cloaking each and every user inside it. While the Zipline is similar to Valkyr's Pull except its a permanent zipline. However, currently other players cannot cast abilities from ziplines which will be made available

II - "Navigator": Her second Ability lets her guide individual projectile she fires -- including bullets, rockets, Tonkor/Penta grenades and the Glaive.(Have you seen the Guided Bullet from G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra?), not only does it help with precision, but can allow you to look at far distances for scouting purposes. Wait... A Buzlok Penta, OMG, why.

III - "Prowl": Her third Ability cloaks Ivara, bringing her movement to a crawl and allowing her to pickpocket enemies. This Ability also gives Ivara a bonus to damage on headshot attacks.

IV - "Artemis Bow": Her fourth lets her use a special bow to unleash a fan of arrows at enemies. A barrage of arrows if I say so myself.

Warframe - Nezha

Nezha is currently live in China, but will be coming to the global build sometime in the near future (aiming for December). Footage can be seen here: Warframe - Nezha Gameplay


I - "Firewalker" - Her Firewalker ability leaves a trail of fire that damages enemies in her wake, and removes procs from allies that step over the trail.

  • Firewalker also gives players a speed boost.

II - "Blazing Chakram" - This ability functions like a Glaive that can be teleported to after being thrown. Teleporting to the Chakram with Firewalker active will cause Nezha to do radial fire damage on arrival. (Think this as Axel from Kingdom Hearts)

III - "Warding Halo" - Warding Halo creates a protective ring of fire that stuns and damages enemies that get too close.

IV - "Divine Spears" - Her final impales enemies around you, dealing damage and stunning them. The ability can be toggled, giving the player control over when they want the CC to be released.

Rhino Rework*

Rhino gets a rework! Not only does Rhino get that, but also a passive ability called Heavy Impact. His ability works exactly the same way as the mod Heavy Impact works out. With that Rhino will now be able to stagger enemies easier.

Rhino's "Charge":

  • Rhino Charge can now gore enemies caught in his path.
  • Rhino Charge now has a re-cast combo counter (mechanically identical to Valkyr's Ripline and Atlas' Landslide).
  • Duration mods no longer affect Rhino's Charge.
  • Range mods will now affect Rhino Charge's distance.
  • Rhino Charge’s distance is now based on his melee combo meter.
  • Rhino Charge will now result in a Blast proc on targets if Iron Skin is active while Charging.
  • Rhino Charge will deal double damage against targets affected by Rhino Stomp.

Rhino's "Ironskin":

  • Iron Skin has damage absorb period at the beginning and is affected by armor, like Snow Globe and Tectonics.

Rhino's "Stomp":

  • Fixed 'double getup' when enemies affected by Rhino Stomp get ragdolled.
  • Rhino Stomp is re-castable now and picks up new enemies in range.

Saryn Prime & Banshee

Saryn is next Warframe to be truly Primed after Trinity; Ending the 3th Chain of Female Prime Warframes. Not much is known about her appearance and the next Primes except it was confirmed by DE Steve. And Vauban mostly will be in the next Male rotation.

Banshee is very likely to be in the first 4th Chain of Female Prime Warframes, as she was released first Valkyr and Zephyr. And her Deluxe Skin is coming up very soon!

Sortie Mode/System*

The Sortie Mode/System, an interestingly new rewards system. It will be a daily mission and have new rotations every "15 Days" (Twice every month). You will get to see Nef Anyo again for once in the Sortie Missions. Sargas Ruk is also featured, so it is unknown how many entities will be featured. (On Devstream 53 we saw Vay Hek, Lmao)

Every daily Sortie is 24 hours long and can only be completed once a day. This means you won't miss rewards at all, but rather the chances of getting more in a season of Sorties. The rewards are seasonal, but sorties' conditions and missions will change every day. Also, there is no limit to how many tilesets they will be on.

Rewards for Sortie U18 - Regis

Teaser of Rewards Table including many different rewards.

Some interesting conditions are: "Mastery Rank 4" and a "Rank 30 Warframe". But it can be soloed or co-op. With or without friends will be fractionally difficult.

For these missions, enemies will have certain modifiers just like Nightmare and Tactical Alerts or it could be options limited for the player.

The one shown in Devstream 54 was Heavy Physical Damage Resistance (That is mostly Kinetic Damage, which is normal bullet damage while elemental procs may be helpful against that.

But honestly... Did you know? Its hard to beat a Sortie while eating a sandwich?


Legendary Core? WHAT!? Wait... After you beat the 3 Missions in the Sortie there is only a chance you get those items listed on the rewards list.

Revives 2.0*

Rebecca decided to solo a Sortie mission, which was said to be very difficult if not time consuming along. However, revives? Every Warframe has its own 4 Revives system for the whole day. They are going to be instead, 4 Revives every single mission! And its refilled once you start a new mission.

Never again will revives be monetized again. But I see that teamwork abuse, in Defense missions. "Yep, I was AFK and Oh I died? No problem". At least you won't be seeing much of "Sorry, I'm out of revives" anymore, sadly. Now you can eat more sandwiches in peace and the Revives section in your Loadout screen on your Orbital Compartment should also be gone.

Orbiter Compartment & Scimitar Landing Craft*

Shot of Orbitor U18 - Regis

Here is a minor, but a big part I always wanted. Staring at 24:32 in Devstream 44 right after she exits her Loadout compartment, you get a few seconds of a sneak peek of what expansion for the Orbiter looks like. This time it is now much larger allowing you to move more freely in your tiny little home.

Our 3th Landing Craft has been made available. What special boost does it give? Unsure for now, but it will be included in the release.

Login Reward 2.0*

Login-exclusive Primed mods, weapons among the login rewards!! Will not be retroactive, the higher your MR, the higher your chances of awesome rewards!

A little fancy information on this Revamp: Now players will be accounted for how many total days they have logged instead in a row (7 Days being max wasn't giving exactly everything everyone was hoping for, so this might give those veteran players an edge).

Also, players will be rewarded with items they don't have yet such as the Gorgon or Glaive as always (Don't ask me what happens if you sold them, possible you can get it again afterwards). But these new special rewards (And ones you didn't already got) will be obtained only by this way.

So look out for: "Days you have logged into Warframe" and "Mastery Rank".

Weapons & Sniper Revamp* + Sword Stance*

Quite a few weapons unheard of are going to be in Update 18. The one revealed in Warframe, so far is a Sniper Rifle called the "Rubico" with a revolver like 5 shot capacity. Then some type of exploding weapon that looks like partly a Castana and another one that looks like scissors with a whip like base (How dangerous, if we run with them we will cause a massacre).

Ranged Melee is becoming more important as adds more variety to the gameplay. "Adding new weapon variety is important to us, and we're definitely open to increasing our line or ranged melee weapons -- including adding weapons like dual throwing axes."

Sniper Rework*

  • All scope HUDS for sniper rifles have been redone and given their own unique animations. (The Rubico and Vectis HUDs are shown below)
  • Sniper rifles now have multiple zoom levels, and we're currently in the process of adding increased buffs for each level of zoom added.
  • Consecutive shots will build a combo meter that provides a damage boost. (Shown in Screenshot #3)
  • We're currently considering a wide variety of buffs for building the combo meter.

Melee Stances*

Also, yes, there will be another single sword stance, making it the 5th Type of Weapon to get its 3th Stance, which is the Swords Category. (Swords is a type of Weapon Category along with Dual Swords or Fists for example such as the Nikana being its own).

What Polarity will this stance be? Unsure, but we will find out as the Update rolls in. With that new Augment Mods will also be coming up for Equinox and Atlas chosen by the Tenno Design Council.

Orokin Moon Tileset*

That's no moon! Before they took over the moon, I remember things were much better. This titleset will be quite the place to explore. Otherwise, not much information is known. I do know this place will be very exotic as, it is rumored to be Earth's moon or next to Earth. It is likely the Grineer Queens will have a presence around there.

"Quest to the Moon"- This Quest that brings you about to the Orokin Moon Base.

"Uninhabited for centuries, the Moon has been a silent reminder of Orokin dominance across the Solar System. Within its depths something has stirred, bringing a presence to the abandoned structures that may not welcome your intrusion."

Trading Mechanics - Derelict Relay*

No more Trade Spam in the chat channel? I can finally find my item and post my stuffs? That's right a Relay made specially for Trading, which resembles a normal Relay except as if its a bit abandoned and left to dust meaning Relays in Warframe have existed well while.

The one shown here on Earth includes an Oberon Statue. I wonder what this place used to look like in its former glory. But anyways Trades will be done here from now on out as Trade chat may work, but it is quite a messy place.

Players can set a specific status to show that they're available for trades.

  • Normal trade restrictions are still in place.
  • There will be a few future updates to the Trade Relays that will continue to build on this new feature.


Your Arsenal is now fully integrated and fully usable within the Simulacrum, so now you can test all your builds with ease!

The Simulacrum now has a new look and you can change Loadouts inside it yourself without any hassle at last.

The Second Dream Quest* + Sentients*

Finally quests with half a Gigabyte cut-scenes, but indeed it will be very cinematic. Not much information is known about this Quest except its really big and will explain much more of the story of Warframe. But here's a single frame for everyone.

The Stalker will definitely have something to do with the quest as foreshadowed on their website ('I wonder if he will talk in English during the Quest?)'. "An agent of vengeance haunts you. Ancient enemies conspire to take action, determined to cut out the heart of the Tenno leadership once and for all. Exposed from their veil of secrecy, the Lotus’ warriors may pay a terrible price. It’s time you discover your true self, Tenno."

Oh, and Sentients appear in this Quest + on the Moon.


Teshin's Conclave expands across new grounds and weekly challenges for his pupils in training. Vauban, Nekros, Mirage, Limbo, and Ivara join their peers in the Conclave. Battle for supremacy in the ruins of an Orokin Lunar outpost, and continue to master the Ways of Old. - Best for Last

Vauban, Nekros, Mirage, Limbo and our new Warframe Ivara will be joining the cast as well in Conclave. The new Orokin Lunar outpost as well appears as a new Conclave map.

Appearances/Visuals & Misc.

What a great day to look like a shiny clean Batman. Mag Prime is getting PBR! Normal Volt gets PBR as well and several more PBR updates are rumored for U18. *

  • Gore Improvements - Older enemies are a bit more gore-friendly, enabling them to be disassembled in a satisfying manner. As the Update goes out, so will the newer enemies!*
  • Immortal Skin for the newer Warframes will start coming out later in U18.
  • Chat Rework is Update 19.
  • Excalibur Umbra not up in Update 18, Maybe U19.
  • Wait for PC to Console again for the 2nd time for PS4 later U18.
  • Djinn's Fatal Attraction will receive alterations in the Second Dream Update.*

With that, I previously said the new appearance change in our Orbiter, Sniper Scope HUDs, Login Rewards 2.0 *


Alright lets get to the point. What the heck do you want and what are you freaking excited about the most? You may vote you best damn answers below:

Login Rewards 2.0 - Its time to discover the deepest dark secrets of Mankind personally

The poll was created at 12:55 on December 2, 2015, and so far 535 people voted.
Orokin Moon - Remember Phobos from Destiny? That's about all we get.

The poll was created at 12:55 on December 2, 2015, and so far 477 people voted.
Conclave - More stuff, more different Warframes to try out

The poll was created at 13:11 on December 2, 2015, and so far 451 people voted.
Sorties - Now that we don't have to buy revives, how many times will you exit and enter?

The poll was created at 12:55 on December 2, 2015, and so far 506 people voted.
The Pickpocket Archer Themed Warframe! - Don't do this in Skyrim

The poll was created at 12:55 on December 2, 2015, and so far 457 people voted.
New Dreams Quest - Every time I have a New NAP

The poll was created at 12:55 on December 2, 2015, and so far 445 people voted.
New Relays! And Trading without Chat Scam perhaps? 1v 1v Tradeing

The poll was created at 12:55 on December 2, 2015, and so far 390 people voted.
Improved Mechanics - Do you even engineer?

The poll was created at 12:55 on December 2, 2015, and so far 354 people voted.
New Weapons! More ways to beat up people. And Sniper Rework! Never miss again.

The poll was created at 12:55 on December 2, 2015, and so far 379 people voted.
More Content: Another Sword Stance and Augments for our Equs & Ats

The poll was created at 12:55 on December 2, 2015, and so far 347 people voted.
Other Improvements: Such as Fixing Networking (Strict NAT), Flowing Particles, Animations, UI Bug Fixes - The Common Tenno's Paradise to Small Improvements

The poll was created at 12:55 on December 2, 2015, and so far 333 people voted.
Update 18 - Who is excited for Update 18?

The poll was created at 12:55 on December 2, 2015, and so far 413 people voted.

Blogger's Comments

Upon hours or trial and error + re-watching Devstreams while searching for information this still isn't perfect so please feel free to tell me if I made a mistake! Probably the most I ever written. Also, sorry the 2 Warframes didn't get pictures, but I felt it was unnecessary as to how widely known they already were.

There has been a nod down to the Login 2.0 System lately across the community, since you get higher rewards for being a higher rank (Primed Mods, Yes). Otherwise, this is what we have by far.

Maybe my friends here at the Wiki are right that I need to get my game together. "Regis why are you still that Mastery Rank?" just max out already, "I refuse!!!"

Writing this took hours. Messed up Source coding more than once and had problems with screenshots for Puush (Yes, I use that). Anyways just for you guys who are uninformed. Also, maybe a extra hour just to think of references to other stuff :)

What a Day. Thanks for your time folks.

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