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Update 16.0 Topics

DE is coming up with one of the biggest Updates in Warframe yet. With many new features and returns of many faces in Warframe. The incredible Update is known to include: the remade J3-Golem boss which was designed for Archwing, The Dragon Themed Warframe, a New Underwater Archwing Tileset, the opening of Darvo's Shop, a Greatswords Stance?, New PVP Gameplay, Improved Gameplay Mechanics like Parkour 2.0 and definitely Raids! Oh and 2 two enemies? And a very sudden surprise.


The most anticipated part in Update 16. This will be very interesting to see how this enemy battles and reacts to our Warframes. And what could the boss be that drops Chroma? For more current info head to the Sentient page

8 Player Raids

YES, RAIDS WILL BE ON A DEDICATED SERVER IN WARFRAME - Originally thought to be hosted by a single player, so you players with not the best internet, Cheers! Sadly, Raids will be 1 Host and 7 Players. Confirmed in Devstream 46 and other Forum Posts.

With all these new features coming, there will be much more for you Tenno to discover and unveil beyond our current universe in Warframe. Now we can compare Void Missions/Derelict Missions to Strike Missions in Destiny, which both yield awesome rewards for those who complete them! Now Raids are coming up and the rewards could be very amazing, but its still unknown to what you might get? (It will also be bigger than than Destiny Raids by having 8 players instead of 6 players). Prepare to cry Ladies and Gentlemen.

Raids will have 3 Parts that you will have to complete. Enemies will be started at Lv80 and Bosses may even appear during Raids. However the rewards will be special including Items never before in Warframe(Who knows what?), Comestics Enhancements, etc.

Most Information will be here: Devstream 47


The point of this Archwing Expansion is get more players into Archwing. I believe as told by many that the majority of Warframe players aren't as into Archwing, so hopefully this new content will begin to interest more people. So far Archwing only has 2 Titlesets.

There are quite the amount of new Archwing Features coming up. The remake of awaited J3-Golem for the first Official Archwing boss that stays on the map and is also replay-able! A new Underwater Titleset? I wonder if we will be going into the Oceans of a planet?

Much of the Information was posted in Devstream 45, but some in Devstream 46 as well.

Relay Features

As for the Relay features. The Librarian will be certainly interesting. You will be able to have features such as; Any enemies or objects you have fully scanned you will be able to go to the Danger Room to practice things against them. That should be very useful for testing out best weapons and mods to use to against them. The amount of Lore will also be increased. Another feature is being able to redo Mastery Tests you already done, time to make new videos for Mastery Rank page.

There will also be a special trap given out by the Librarian. Also in: Devstream 47


Anyways, that's what I'm mainly mostly interested in, but now I want to know what you think is the most exciting feature yet to come in the upcoming Update 16! Many features will be coming up! And I'll be excited to try them out; I hope you are as excited to try out each and every new feature as am I.

The Sentients - Its time to discover the deepest dark secrets of Tenno History

The poll was created at 03:39 on March 11, 2015, and so far 374 people voted.
8 Player Raids - Where Great Teamwork & Failure Awaits (1 Host, 7 Players...)

The poll was created at 05:08 on February 10, 2015, and so far 2049 people voted.
Archwing Features - A New Boss & A New Tileset Set Forward to Unveil

The poll was created at 05:08 on February 10, 2015, and so far 1863 people voted.
The Almighty New Dragon Themed Warframe! - Time to Burn & Fly (As opposed to Hit & Run)

The poll was created at 04:56 on February 10, 2015, and so far 2017 people voted.
Improved / Revamped PVP Gameplay & Other PVP features (Conclave Master) - Big Changes. Go Big or Go Home.

The poll was created at 05:27 on February 10, 2015, and so far 1768 people voted.
New Relay Features! Darvo's Shop, New Cephalon, Leaderboards, New Neutral Syndicate etc. - Interesting Lore Components included, What will you seek Tenno?

The poll was created at 05:08 on February 10, 2015, and so far 1803 people voted.
Improved Mechanics like Parkour 2.0, Movement, etc. - Lets hope you can defy Gravity this time

The poll was created at 21:43 on February 10, 2015, and so far 1513 people voted.
New Enemies? - The Riot MOA of the Corpus (Rumored Tank Unit Concept made by a fellow Tenno) & The Mad Grineer! - (The Lotus - "Please be careful Tenno. The Mad Grineer is more insane than the G3, Even Dr. Tengus recommends not going near them") - "Start a Riot with the new Riot MOA! Guaranteed to cause wars in your neighborhood. The Corpus is not responsible for loss of any item unintended or intended, Enjoy your product!" - The Corpus

The poll was created at 05:42 on February 10, 2015, and so far 1592 people voted.
More Content: A Greatsword Stance? Other Mods Mechanics Improved

The poll was created at 05:42 on February 10, 2015, and so far 1545 people voted.
Other Improvements: Such as Fixing Networking (Strict NAT), Flowing Particles, Weapon Animations, UI Bug Fixes - The Common Tenno's Paradise to Small Improvements

The poll was created at 05:27 on February 10, 2015, and so far 1605 people voted.
Update 16 - So then... Who is excited for Update 16?

The poll was created at 05:08 on February 10, 2015, and so far 1736 people voted.

Blogger's Comments

Well folks you seen (Or more like heard) what could be offered in Update 16. Still no Official Date for U16 to come out yet, so we're going to have to wait until then. PVP. Never liked it and when I do play it, I just mess around and use it a my training/testing ground for weapons. So after this update I'll be most interested in doing PVP again. And there's pretty of Lore that's probably going to be speculated. I'll be most interested about the Liberian myself and what Darvo's Shop offers to us. The Void Trader is Overrated :) in my opinion. I wonder how Raids are going to work also, as I wonder if at the end of every Raid if there's going to be a Final Boss.

I know some people don't like more content and other things, but in my opinion more content that is actual added into the game is better than events; while events do add a bit of interesting Lore into the game and as well as interesting tasks like Operation Eyes of Blight. This content will always be here for us most likely as to what the Loot we might earn in the Raids might be. Oh and of course I like to Replay those Mastery Rank Missions I did.

Of course, if I forgot a huge feature coming to Update 16, then please leave a comment about!

Thanks for your time folks!

Update 1.2 to Blog Log:

  • Previously the "Improved Mechanics" Poll had 238 people that voted. Of the most votes appearing to be "5" meaning generally favorable to the public.
  • No Cover System. Just making sure people were paying attention :) (Just kidding, I accidentally put it there as when I saw the latest Devstream I wasn't paying attention fully).
  • Raids aren't going to be on Dedicated Servers yet. Hopefully soon.
  • Concluding this Poll. Added more information. Edited Look
  • Added Sentients.

Poll Information

Most subjects are generally are in favour of the majority of the community. Including Update 16 of course. This Poll isn't 100% accurate due to people being able to re-vote upon refreshing page and such.

Except PVP with nearly half with little interest. ~48% Uninterested

Other Improvements, seem to be the strongest subject. With about ~90% Interested

Note from Doge: Much Improve. Such Content. Very Excite.

Other Information

For more information visit these pages: Devstream 45, Devstream 46, Devstream 47

Also vist DE's Overiview Pages! Besides that Forum Posts also offer other important information! #45 #46

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