• Aeonera

    With the new heavy melee buff i thought it was a good time to do some math on scindo prime's dps.

    well, some testing first. (repeated the combo for 60 seconds, counted hits within the 60 seconds, did not do the stagger)

    results; scindo prime, cleaving whirlwind, broken bull combo.

    normal attack speed: 82 hits/min, 1.37hits/sec. damage of 292hits/min, 4.87 hits/sec

    with max fury: 103 hits/min, 1.72 hits/sec. damage of 370hits/min, 6.17 hits/sec

    with max spoiled strike: 68 hits/min, 1.13 hits/sec. damage of 242hits/min, 4.03 hits/sec

    by creating a graph for attack speed vs hits/sec we can extrapolate to any attack speed value we choose and get a hits/sec value from it.

    for the attack speed value we want i'm gonna use this build, it probably gives u…

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  • Aeonera

    melee stance hit rates

    August 31, 2014 by Aeonera
    • Due to the discovery that melee weapons do not scale properly with attack speed, these values are not accurate and cannot be used for calculating melee attack rates.*

    As a number cruncher i grew tired of the arbitrary "attack rate" numbers given for each weapon and decided to do some testing on the actual hit rates of the various stances. To keep it uniform, i only did the combos which are easily repeateable over an extended period of time (namely the basic, forward, backward and block combos).

    To get a mostly accurate number i repeated the combo for 60 seconds and counted the number of hits within that 60 seconds, then divided it by 60.

    I then divided the value obtained by the attack rate of the weapon to get a value for a 1.0 attack speed w…

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