• I live in Houston Tx
  • I was born on July 19
  • My occupation is Employment Counselor
  • I am Day Aspect Equinox
  • Aestersidhe

    Sorties not Sorted

    February 2, 2017 by Aestersidhe

    These damn sorties... Been running off and on for 2 weeks now since RL happens... stupid work and family... I am so tired of holding out both hands at the end of the run, waiting for a glistening purple riven and as RNGesus descends his 8 bit cloud in a beam of channelled light from the DEHeavens... he squats down and takes a giant steaming 24 hour credit booster in my outstretched hands...

    I am not one for ragequitting, much, but I was very tempted. If it werent for work today I probably wouldn't have quit at all and just kept going, maybe farming Kavat genetics again, think im at 7 of 10, Wasn't super invested since I didn't have enough slots, but then I was graced with a couple of Rivens I didn't need in the first week so I got enough pl…

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