• AleDeVe

    Build working in Update 19.5 PC (23/12/2016)

    Build working in Update (13/01/2017)

    Ember is mostly known for her WoF, which is annoying and not end-game viable.

    I started looking for a way to make her not only good against high-level enemies but, most importantly, fun to play.

    The setup is similar to others that might have been suggested by others already, but the performance is on a whole other level thanks to the particular combination of equipment and abilities I focused on.

    The build revolves and is made viable by a melee weapon which has been buffed in a previous update, so let's start from there.

    Twin Basolk.

    After the buff and the new nightmare mods, they can reach 100% status with just 2 dual elementals + drifting contact.

    Base dam…

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