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  • AllSaintsEve

    FYI Wikia Contributors, when you post a comment on any page on the Warframe Wiki your default, unregisterd, user name is Lone Tenno. So here is some relevent information on what that means:

    - A Lone Tenno does not spam the wiki with hundreds of useless comments. It is many Lone Tenno.

    - Don't reply to a Lone Tenno by calling them Lone Tenno, thats a few hundred if not thousands of unregisterd users. Instead reply by quoting them.

    That is all. Happy hunting!

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  • AllSaintsEve

    Stalker^^^ not Reapers xD

    Every one knows our favorite guy/gal, the Stalker. If you don't, may he/she never thuroughly kick your Framed butt... Ever (Not Likely). Most feel like he can't be beat, myself included. My playgroup and I got together (Raidcall, check it out) and dicussed the best way to farm this guy. This Is what we came up with.

    - She is Blessing support. Yes Stalker dipels its immunity effect, but not its healling properties. Basically spam Blessing. She needs to be able to cast it a few times. (Power Efficiency + Power Max)

    - Also, she needs to use Energy Vampire occasionally. Avoid using Well of Life, Blessing defeats the purpose.

    - Pull to keep Stalker away.

    - Bullet Atracter so that you have no need to aim that well.

    - Shield P…

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  • AllSaintsEve

    Understanding the Game.

    December 11, 2013 by AllSaintsEve

    So far it seems that everyone either hates or abuses certain aspects of Warframe. I'm just going to give my opinion and insight.

    The essence of an online game is to interact with other players. I'm always hearing about those players that solo Survival for 30-50 minutes. What's the point? For me, solo misions make me nervous, no one has your back, no one can save you, and if you mess up, you mess up. In a game designed for co-op play, solo missions defy the idea of the game. Although the Devs put in a solo option for missions, I don't think they should be used.

    A solo 30 minute Survival is not impressive. A team of 4 Tenno surviving 1 hour and more is impressive, it pushes the game to its limits. I never play alone anymore, I prefer the laggy…

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  • AllSaintsEve

    N.F.D. Trinity

    November 19, 2013 by AllSaintsEve

    Finally finished building Trinity... And good god is she amazing! I did some research and I've come up with some ridiculous numbers.

    Ridiculous you ask? Well there's a reason I call her Never F***ing Dies Trinity.

    Now this goes for all warframes, if you have the resources.

    Maxed Streamline +30% PE and maxed Fleeting Expertise +60% PE -60% Power Duration = +90% Power Efficiency

    Blessing at 10 Energy? (Or any other spamable AoE) YES PLEASE!!!

    Vauban and Frost are the only other warframes who can truly benefit from this.

    Constitution +28% PD, Narrow Minded +99% PD, Continuity +30% PD, Aura Helmet +25% PD, and Fleeting Expertise -60% PD = +122% Power Duration (+97% for anyone else)

    That makes Blessing last 22.2 seconds. Decent in its own right.

    Flow +…

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  • AllSaintsEve

    Success in Warframe takes co-operation, synergy with your cell (team), your weapon, and mod load. But we sometimes overlook the small details, like your sentinel. Your sentinel is your second gun, your fifth ability, your 12th man so to speak. (For those of you who understand American football) Your sentinel can be a vital piece of your loadout that will ease the success of any mission.

    Your sentinel can carry one of five different weapons, a shotgun, laser pistol, machine gun, poison rifle, or laser rifle. Each weapon is obtained by getting the sentinel holding that weapon. That is as follows:

    •  Carrier: Shotgun
    •  Shade: Laser Pistol
    •  Deth Cube: Machine Gun
    •  Wyrm: Laser Rifle
    •  Djinn: Poison Rifle

    Your sentinel has two, sentinel-specific abilities.…

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