Success in Warframe takes co-operation, synergy with your cell (team), your weapon, and mod load. But we sometimes overlook the small details, like your sentinel. Your sentinel is your second gun, your fifth ability, your 12th man so to speak. (For those of you who understand American football) Your sentinel can be a vital piece of your loadout that will ease the success of any mission.



Your sentinel can carry one of five different weapons, a shotgun, laser pistol, machine gun, poison rifle, or laser rifle. Each weapon is obtained by getting the sentinel holding that weapon. That is as follows:

  •  Carrier: Shotgun
  •  Shade: Laser Pistol
  •  Deth Cube: Machine Gun
  •  Wyrm: Laser Rifle
  •  Djinn: Poison Rifle


Your sentinel has two, sentinel-specific abilities. One is very unique, while the other determines attack patterns. These are like this:

  • Carrier: Vacuum, this ability picks up any loot drops in a certain area. Its attack pattern is that it attacks the nearest foe.
  • Shade: Ghost, this ability makes you and the Shade invisible when you are near an enemy. Its attack pattern is that it only attacks if the foe has attacked you first.
  • Deth Cube: Vaporize, this ability shoots a beam of concentrated damage roughly every 30 seconds. Its attack patter is that it attacks the nearest foe.
  • Wyrm: Crowd Dispersion, this ability deals low damage and applies a ragdoll effect to nearby enemies if there are many close to you. Its attack pattern is that it attacks the nearest foe.
  • Djinn: Fatal Attraction, this ability draws enemies closer to you. Its attack pattern is that it attacks the nearest foe.

Some common extra abilites and mods are:

  • Guardian: The sentinel boosts your shields when you run out.
  • Santuary: The sentinel puts up a shield if you are reviving an ally.

Precept Order

Your sentinel will use its active abilities, or precepts, in the following order:

1) Top left 2) Top right 3) Bottom left 4) Bottom right.

Essentially, the order is left to right, top to bottom. So the precept you think is most important should go the left and up, then the next would go to the right of that.

Your precept slots look like this:

-l  -l
-l -l

So, your Carrier, if set up like this: 1) Vacuum 2) Guardian 3) Coolant leak 4) Striker (attack mod), will act as follows:


Coolant Leak Striker
  1.  Is there loot to pick up? No, move on.
  2. Are you out of shields? No, move on.
  3. Are there enemies within range that I can slow? Yes, slow it down.
  4. Is there an enemy within range? Yes, kill it!

There are only 5 total precept mods. (Regen, Guardian, Attack, Unique, and Coolant Leak) Regen can go anywhere because it activates when your sentinel reaches 0 health. It then rejuvenates your sentinel's health by a certain percentage according to the rank of the regen. The sentinel can only use this ability once per mission.

The rest is all personal preference.

Picking Your Sentinel

Now it's time to pick your sentinel. The most important thing to remember is your play style. You want your sentinel to compliment it and do so well.There are 5 simple catagories you should fall under:

  •  Farmer: You are running this mission for its loot. You need kills and you need drops. The carrier is for you!
  •  Spy: You want a stealthy run. Invisibility is a must. Shade is your best friend.
  •  Murderer: Your sole desire is to kill kill kill. You need damage per second. Deth Cube is for you.
  •  Peacemaker: You want your fights far away. Distance is a must. Wyrm is for you.
  •  Fighter: You want your enemies close, whether to AoE or to smack them around. Djinn is your man.

These aren't strict rules, just guidelines. Pick your favorite!

Additional Tips (will be added to)

  • The Djinn's normal weapon (Poison Rifle) may not cut it for melee combat. The Carrier's shotgun is great for close combat in all respects.
  • Your sentinel will not attack or use any abilities unless it has that specific mod attached.
  • Having trouble deciding? The Carrier is a great sentinel to start with, it will help you gather more resources and mods. It also has a great weapon that will help a lot if you are just starting out.

I apologize for the long read, but it is a big topic on such a small thing. Regardless,

Good hunting Tenno!

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