Finally finished building Trinity... And good god is she amazing! I did some research and I've come up with some ridiculous numbers.

Ridiculous you ask? Well there's a reason I call her Never F***ing Dies Trinity.

Power Efficiency

Now this goes for all warframes, if you have the resources.

Maxed Streamline +30% PE and maxed Fleeting Expertise +60% PE -60% Power Duration = +90% Power Efficiency

Blessing at 10 Energy? (Or any other spamable AoE) YES PLEASE!!!

Power Duration

Vauban and Frost are the only other warframes who can truly benefit from this.

Constitution +28% PD, Narrow Minded +99% PD, Continuity +30% PD, Aura Helmet +25% PD, and Fleeting Expertise -60% PD = +122% Power Duration (+97% for anyone else)

That makes Blessing last 22.2 seconds. Decent in its own right.

Power Capacity

Flow +150% Power = +150% Power

A whopping 338 Energy when Trinity is rank 30!

Putting it Together

So at 10 energy, 22.2 seconds everytime we cast, and with 338 energy in hand: 

12.2 minutes of pure can't touch this. Playing hard to get much?


- I have not tried this yet, so there isnt proof of this being the real deal aside from my math.

- Requires 3 Forma, an Orokin Reactor, and an aura with matched polarity.

- All of theses mods are maxed. (Is there any other way?)

- Narrow Minded does not affect Blessing's range (it doesn't have one) so yay for an expensive +99% PD.

That's it Tenno, may there be many Blessings in your near future.

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