Stalker^^^ not Reapers xD

What? Stalker?

Every one knows our favorite guy/gal, the Stalker. If you don't, may he/she never thuroughly kick your Framed butt... Ever (Not Likely). Most feel like he can't be beat, myself included. My playgroup and I got together (Raidcall, check it out) and dicussed the best way to farm this guy. This Is what we came up with.

Your Team


- She is Blessing support. Yes Stalker dipels its immunity effect, but not its healling properties. Basically spam Blessing. She needs to be able to cast it a few times. (Power Efficiency + Power Max)

- Also, she needs to use Energy Vampire occasionally. Avoid using Well of Life, Blessing defeats the purpose.


- Pull to keep Stalker away.

- Bullet Atracter so that you have no need to aim that well.

- Shield Polarize, Initially it helps kill Stalker, otherwise it helps with survivability. Mostly, use her for initial damage to shields.


- Desecration for the drops. Thats about it.

- Soul Punch is ehh but usable.


- This is your "runner". Being the fastest Frame available, he is the prime choice for the Stalker's target.

- Not sure if Radial Disarm affects the Stalker, but it is possible.

- Beef him up, Max stamina, shields, and health.



- This weapon has good DPS (damage per second). 'Nuff said.

- Use the reload trick, switch to your secondary, melee, or use an ability when your ammo said 100 to cut reload time in half (roughly).


- Honestly the best engame weapon in existance.

- Ridiculous DPS (thousands a second).


- Usefull innherant poison damage.

- Damage overtime is excelant.


- Avoid secondaries, they aren't that good compared to Primaries. Brakk is to close range to be useful.

- Avoid melee, the Stalker will not hesitate to squash you like a bug if you get too close.

- Trinity, hit 'Z' (default team list which displays health stuffs.)

- If you must, spam status abilities, the stalker has to Dispel each time you do. This gives you half a second to do some free damage.

- Stay close at all costs.

- Use voice communication, it will help with synergy and overall success.

Good Hunting

These are all recommendations, not guidelines, do it however works for you.

Good luck and cheers fellow Tenno. :)

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