My first blog (on a defense Frost Prime if you are interested) sparked an interesting conversation/argument. While I can agree that one commenter's opinion is somewhat logical, I must disagree with his/her argument.

Now what is this all about? Simple: Whether or not my blog post about my personal build for a Frost Prime should have been posted as a blog.

His or her issue was that the blog post was 'missplaced, aka should have been posted in the Warframe builds/tips/advice forum, or wherever that person felt it should go. Now, while this is a very solid argument and logical thinking, I truly must disagree. Here are some reasons:

1) Blog: a place for the writer's opinions and thoughts. I believe full-heartedly that the build I blogged about is my opinion and is in no way the only way to build a Frost.

2) Have you looked at the forums lately? It's full of ignorent trolls who can not read the text before the respond to it. That or they honestly know nothing about said topic. The commenter with a problem regarding my blog is an example of the latter. He or she displayed no such knowledge of what a blog is or where it should be posted.

3) My blog belongs in the My Blog section of my user page. I don't want it dirtied by herds of trolls, I want it to be a catalyst for constructive feedback and suggestions.

People with an issue with the above points should probably stick to their beloved organized, catagorized, trollified forum.

My word of advice for those of you who are blogging or looking to do so:

Don't let anyone tell you what/where/who/why/how your blog should be. It is your blog, your thought, your question; put it where you want it!

Good hunting and blogging Tenno!

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