• Ambient-Fr3qu3ncy

    Loadout Presets

    September 9, 2013 by Ambient-Fr3qu3ncy

    So, I just wanted to go ahead and Blog this, as I see some people are still unaware that the loadout presets feature has in fact been added in.

    It's very simple to use:

    1. Equip a weapon/frame

    2. Add your mods

    3. Change your weapon/frame WITHOUT taking off your mods

    4. Add your mods to the new weapon/frame

    5. Change back to the previous weapon/frame, and notice that your loadout for that weapon/frame saved

    This can be done (as far as I can tell) with an unlimited amount of weapons and frames. Each weapon/frame holds it's own saved mod loadout. However, I believe that this data is locally stored...When logging in from another computer, my mod loadouts were reset.

    I saw in a few different threads, people saying that they couldn't wait for mod loadou…

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