So, I just wanted to go ahead and Blog this, as I see some people are still unaware that the loadout presets feature has in fact been added in.

It's very simple to use:

1. Equip a weapon/frame

2. Add your mods

3. Change your weapon/frame WITHOUT taking off your mods

4. Add your mods to the new weapon/frame

5. Change back to the previous weapon/frame, and notice that your loadout for that weapon/frame saved

This can be done (as far as I can tell) with an unlimited amount of weapons and frames. Each weapon/frame holds it's own saved mod loadout. However, I believe that this data is locally stored...When logging in from another computer, my mod loadouts were reset.

I saw in a few different threads, people saying that they couldn't wait for mod loadout presets (written 1-3 days ago). This feature has been available since the Friday update, so I thought I would share it. I wasn't really sure which page to add this information in, So i blogged it. We should honestly create a new page titled 'Loadout Presets', as it encompases multiple areas (mods, frames and weapons). It may be applicable to just add the information to the generic 'Mods' page, but I thought I would let someone else make that decision.

If you are so inclined to create a new page, or edit the mod page, feel free to copy/use this information at your leisure.

Also feel free to comment. I have no scruples with that.

Please note. That while this is still possible, Actual loadout presets have been implimented in the form of A, B, C buttons to select between. It is no longer possible to equip the same mod on a weapon, and a sentinal. You will need to level entirely new mods for your sentinals.

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