• AncientSeeker

    Dmg 2.0 - Some Thoughts

    November 20, 2013 by AncientSeeker

    While i must say Rebecca's post about the new Dmg 2.0  ( ) sounded really promissing/ interesting it also threw up a few questions that I'd like to share/ discuss with you.

    First, we see that the base damage as we know it (1 value belonging to 1 distinct type of element, like slash, physical impact, ect.) is gone. Instead most of the weapons (exept for a few elemental based weapons like the Ignis) will have their damage split up to 3 different base damage types: Impact, Puncture and Slash. Combined with DESteves comment from one of the Lifestreams that there will be different damage types against shield, armor and flesh we can asume that each of them is meant to da…

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