While i must say Rebecca's post about the new Dmg 2.0  ( ) sounded really promissing/ interesting it also threw up a few questions that I'd like to share/ discuss with you.

First, we see that the base damage as we know it (1 value belonging to 1 distinct type of element, like slash, physical impact, ect.) is gone. Instead most of the weapons (exept for a few elemental based weapons like the Ignis) will have their damage split up to 3 different base damage types: Impact, Puncture and Slash. Combined with DESteves comment from one of the Lifestreams that there will be different damage types against shield, armor and flesh we can asume that each of them is meant to damage a different "part" of the opponent:

Slash as the damage type strong against flesh/ fleshy targets

Puncture as the damage type against armored targets/ armor

Which leaves Impact as the damage type that affects shields.

Second, we can see in the first picture of Rebecca's post that the elemental damage is calculated from the total value of all 3 base damage types (15% * (12.5 + 12.5 + 25) = 7.5). In addition the old ArmorPiercing elemental mods now seems to contribute to the Puncture base damage. However this left three questions open for me:

a) Can we asume that we will also get new/ other mods that only increase Slash or Impact damage? This would enable us to compensate a weapons weakness a little or to further increase its strenght vs certain enemies.

b) Is elemental damage calculated before the ArmorPiercing mod (and if we get them also the Slash+ and Impact+ mod) takes effect as indicated by the 2nd picture (with included No Return you'd expect 7.7 Fire damage, not 7.5 as in the first picture)?

c) Will the No Return mod get nerfed? Because with the current values it should give us an additional 15% Puncture damage of ~1.9 => 14.4 total, yet the picture only showes an increase by 1.3 damage up to 13.8 dmg which equals 10.4%

We can also asume that the percentages of combined elements (like Radiation  = Fire + Electro) is equal to the total % of both elements. In the given example (picture 3) we have a total of 70% (= 24.5 / (10.5 + 5.3 + 19.2)) Radiation damage add on which is what we would expect from combining 60% Fire damage ( +3 Molten Impact) and 10% Electric damage ( +0 Shocking Touch).

The last thing we learn about, and which bothers me the most atm, is the new value called Status. It appears that you will only be able to apply your special elemental attributes (burning, slow, shocked,...) only once in a while with most weapons (considering my luck that will be close to 0 :P ) . Sure this adds more to the weapon variety since we then will most surely have "cc-weapons" with low damage yet high Status % and raw damage weapons with high damage yet low proc % yet it makes me feel uncomfortable to know that my weapon won't be slowing my enemies always as it used to with the good old freeze mods :(

And also will each Warframe / skill with cc-component now also get a Status %, like Banshee's Ultimate or all of Frosts/ Embers Skills, or will they now be the best/ most trustworthy cc method in game cause you will always achieve their effect?

Well that's all from my side, what do you guys think about all that / dmg 2.0 in general?

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