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  • Angelskydragon

    Build Of

    • Radiation (Heat + Electric) +75% Damage against Heavy Grineer Units, including Elite Lancers.
    • Viral (Cold + Toxin) +75% Damage against All Grineers, with exception of Machinery.


    • Adding a Grineer Faction Damage Mod can boost the damage output.
    • Puncture or Corrosive could also be a good alternative type.
    • For Innate Radiation Weapons, replace the additional Radiation with Corrosive.

    Build of

    • Magnetic (Cold + Electric) +75% Damage against Shields & Proto Shields, basically against all Corpus
    • Toxin +50% against Flesh, -25% against Robotic. Corpus enemies comes with a High Base Shield and Low Health. Toxin is able to ignore the shields and immediately damaging the low health, killing them much faster.


    • Adding a Corpus Faction Damage Mod …

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