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  • I was born on August 5
  • Animafan10

    Simply just what do you think about mods and which need more care and which doesn't.

    Tell me your ideas also what mod do you want to see in game and still not exist.

    Could we ever make mods to this game? How about addons and possible ways to improve this game?

    Share with me your ideas.

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  • Animafan10

    Hi everyone! I made this blog to try collect some idea how we could support our game and what ideas fit really in this game.

    I have some idea but i don't want to talk so much about because that can be so long. My main reason to make this blog is how we can support our game this not mean only the warframe but now specificaly this. Lot of games can be supported by good ideas and with buying the devs stuff and lend them more resources. Here we can mainly support the devs with our money but i think that is not really make differences. I prefer the creative side and personally i like the design things but also want mechanic parts because the games consist thsese things all in one. The recent updates of warframe mainly contain just design content…

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