Hi everyone! I made this blog to try collect some idea how we could support our game and what ideas fit really in this game.

I have some idea but i don't want to talk so much about because that can be so long. My main reason to make this blog is how we can support our game this not mean only the warframe but now specificaly this. Lot of games can be supported by good ideas and with buying the devs stuff and lend them more resources. Here we can mainly support the devs with our money but i think that is not really make differences. I prefer the creative side and personally i like the design things but also want mechanic parts because the games consist thsese things all in one. The recent updates of warframe mainly contain just design contents but not really fixed the old things and even not give so much mechanical changes. Expect the damage 2.0 which is a good try to improve the game but as i saw this just given you more extra mods and damaging types. Mechanically this change not really help to this game because some perform changes requires to try make balance and some other part of this game just simply forgotten when it needs more care. For an example in this game the grinding and the RNG. Normally the grinding is almost need in every game to reach something you want but if the game 90% only this then it's frustrate you when you know that you have really low chance to earn what you want. To know how chance you have not makes also some differences because then you just know where need to go to find those mods and parts but still you grind and sooner will reach that phase when you have everything. After you should decide some major things what do you prefer and wish to play with the game later because now haven't so much end game content for players which can make the game replayability.

This game is based on PVE and more people disagree the PVP intergation in this game because that can ruin the harmony. This depend on how you see this because sometimes more fun to play together and against each other than you play with other 3 person against the A.I which is still not the best. The PvP is a good choice to make the game better but in a limited way because of the possible and actually lore. I also hope they will improve the gameplay mechanic and animation parts it's really deserved more.

This game is also need time by time incoming design contents more tilesets and weapons/frames but mainly need polishing the older contents and improving more deeper story. Also would be good more character statistic and now i mean in this the roleplaying elements and even some background story. A deeper character customization with maybe gender swap option and additional parts and more visualy changes. I know this subject by the time is more actual and in many threads discussed but i think this should give more freedom and replayability. Everything in this part is depend on opinions and how you personal imagine yourself in these suits but they are still just suits and not persons how DE handle them. Almost in every part in this game the minimalism the main thing and how you make something with the less work and try to sell them for an avarege price. My opinion is about how DE react to the deeper content adding because they are sometimes ignore or not really read it the community opinions.

A better communication in each side could help more to the game at least the player base will know when changes will come and how changes. Also the feedbacks and constructive ideas much more needed in any beta games and this is not except. So many good posts and reads have about how the game should be look and how need to be but just the 5-10% which really accepted by devs. I think the main reason why the community is broken and tired the lot of feedback and bad moves from devs which with a better communication could be solved. Need to understand that the devs also humans and they can do bad things because everyone can make misakes but here we talk a relatively small and independent studio which try to grant some fun to their player base but without a large team they cannot do so much. This not mean we need to accept everything because something can be solve with easy ways and possible later to hire members to the team whom can help to improve the game but we are as community have so much good idea and hints to the devs which is very important thing. We can also help to them if they ever will listen our needs and what we want. This is possible if they let us work together to improve the game with some player base concepts and addons. I hope later they will make a section to add real addons to the game and later let us some tool to make for an example : maps.

Have many way how can be improve a game and this one have a great community and passionirte devs who really want the best but sometimes not really succed. I hope i wasn't boring and this blog thread catched your attendance :)

Ps: sorry for my english and my grammar I hope you enjoyed this thread. :)

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