Now, ever since the Prime variations of Warframes and weapons came into show, most if not all people had the desire to possess one. Allow me to explain the following.

The Prime varients of the current Warframes show no difference towards their original counterparts except the fact they are distinct and intricate in detail wise along with differant polarities from the original. For example, the Ember Prime possesses an attack V and a defensive D polarity unlike the original Ember's double tactic Bar polarities. Also, all of the current Prime varients of the Warframes have higher energy replenishing when in the Orokin Void and thats about it for differances. So, in conclusion, the differences between the original and the Prime varient is really not that great considering you can simply polarize the polarity slots for the polarity of your choice and replace other polarities as well. You can replicate the same polarities from the original to the Prime or the Prime to the original and vice versa. Also, the extra energy replenishing only directs to the Orokin Void, not anywhere else, so that is a small differance. For Excalibur Prime, he is the only Prime with an actual stat change and then being as a straight upgrade from the original, but he is made an exception as he was only exclusive for Founders only.

For the Prime weapons, they have reasonable differences stats wise that would give you an edge depending on the enemy, or a more balanced approach. For example, the Braton Prime features a higher base damage and magazine size than the original Braton, but at the cost of lower fire rate and a slightly longer reload time. If the lower fire rate and longer reload time is not much of a hassle to you then the Braton Prime is a straight upgrade from the original, so it is worth getting. Though, there is one weapon that I made an exception and that is the Reaper Prime, it has the exact same stats as the original counterpart or just Ether Reaper if both were intended to be made seperate, but it is still a huge disappointment. In conclusion, the Prime variations of the current weapons have differences stats wise from their original counterparts unlike the Prime variations of the Warframes in which the polarities can simply be solved with formas.

So to sum up this blog, I'll tell you this. Think about it for a moment if it is a good idea to obtain a Prime Warframe If you already have a potatoed and polarized original Warframe then I'd say its not worth it in my opinion. Overall, the Prime Warframes along with the Reaper Prime are more about looks along with few very small stat changes in their current state.

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