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    Valkyr 2.0

    April 21, 2014 by AnotherWarframeGuy

    We can rebuild her. We have the technology.

    Everyone who plays Valkyr is probably aware of her immortality with Hysteria builds. Are there any other ways to build her? Life Strike, a new mod introduced in the recent update, permits another tough as nails build that, played right, also makes her nigh immortal.

    The goal is to keep Warcry up perpetually (for the speed and armor increase), which particularly tricky when fighting infested because of Ancient Disrupters. Thus, a build ought to be well-rounded for dealing with all factions. With this build, Warcry runs for 30 seconds. As for the melee weapon, it's best to avoid channeling builds since they're competing with the power needed to keep Warcry up as well as wasting power needed for the occ…

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  • AnotherWarframeGuy

    Having given some thought to the odd conundrum we find ourselves in where some alliances put up free rails, which is obviously to the benefit of the players, only to have those rails immediately challenged (the counterargument being: why not?) I realized that the answer is pretty simple.

    There is one basic principle at play here.  Players want credits and resources.  They will settle for battle pay if there are taxes on the rail.  Contenders for a rail who want to tax it will often put up battle pay, and those who want to keep it free will not be able to do so forever if they can to begin with.  The solution is simple:  treachery.

    In the real world, treachery is punished harshly.  Practically everyone worldwide hates a traitor and the usual …

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