We can rebuild her. We have the technology.

Everyone who plays Valkyr is probably aware of her immortality with Hysteria builds. Are there any other ways to build her? Life Strike, a new mod introduced in the recent update, permits another tough as nails build that, played right, also makes her nigh immortal.

The goal is to keep Warcry up perpetually (for the speed and armor increase), which particularly tricky when fighting infested because of Ancient Disrupters. Thus, a build ought to be well-rounded for dealing with all factions. With this build, Warcry runs for 30 seconds. As for the melee weapon, it's best to avoid channeling builds since they're competing with the power needed to keep Warcry up as well as wasting power needed for the occasional lifetaps (use channeling lightly to help annihilate tougher units and for health). Heavier, slower weapons work particularly well for massive damage per swing, relying on Warcry to speed them up. Orthos Prime, for example, was able to deliver a 38k swing during one of the combo attacks (also taking advantage of Excalibur's damage multiplier from Radial Blind), instantly downing a level 70 leader unit!

Core Mods:

Can be changed to taste:

One may note that Rip Line is also not installed. Depending on playstyle, one may forgo Paralysis and Stretch for Rip Line and Sure Footed, for example, understanding that other melee oriented teammates will need to get closer to Valkyr to get their Warcry fix.

Advantages of this build are that one can melee without Hysteria, taking advantage of combos and chains Melee 2.0 brought, which will lead to significantly faster and more efficient killing. Warcry is up practically always, which is a boost to the team if they can manage to stay close (hallway heroes can stay home). Toxic Ancients and Grineer Napalmers, often frustrating to melee, can be engaged with abandon and actually help to recharge Valkyr's power pool (one may find engaging them to be a joy and seek them out specifically). This ought to only take two Formas, (choose D polarities or a D and V), both of which will not inhibit the classic Hysteria build, if one doesn't like the style or for when one needs to switch in order to play with unpredictable public groups.

Disadvantages are that one can still die trying to revive a fallen comrade (one isn't completely immortal). Primary and secondary weapons will not see much use since melee is responsible for feeding Valkyr the health she needs to stay alive. If the build is changed too much then Valkyr may have trouble keeping chains going in groups with crowd control as she needs to take damage for Rage to do its job, and well-maintained blanket crowd control will inhibit this effect. It's best to use this build with others who understand how it works to achieve maximal effect. Valkyr can still be knocked down, so prepare accordingly (use a heavy melee weapon with some momentum to it that will prevent knockdowns while chaining or a light weapon with great knockdown radius on ground slams, such as fist/hands and feet weapons).

Overall, this build will work very well for solo play and in team play so long as one's teammates work with the strategy rather than against it (private sessions with clan mates will usually work better than public in this regard). It can carry a player into very high level areas without much fear of death or loss. An Excalibur built with maxed Radial Blind and a light hand on the CC button when Valkyr needs a recharge (communication helps immensely here) can synergize extremely well and the two will feed off one another as Excalibur will often choose to bring Energy Siphon, which feeds his power and Valkyr's.

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