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    Nikana Prime VS Broken War

    February 18, 2016 by Aponatraza

    Alrighty folks, I might as well create a blog so everyone under the sun may discuss this topic openly since it is now a heated debate amongst some members of the community. The new hot poker under peoples' rears is the new debate as to whether the Broken War or the Nikana Prime is better.

    So what does the Broken War have goin' for it? It has 90 base dmg, 15% crit Chance, and a dismal 1.5x Crit Multiplier. Status Chance is at 10%, which is ok-ish for most builds, unless you're into status builds for CC, but that's all user preference. The big kicker here is that we have access to the Crimson Dervish stance, which has notably high multipliers on basic attacks. Simply put, the Broken War is one hell of a glorified Sentient Slam Chop. You see e…

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  • Aponatraza


    April 22, 2014 by Aponatraza

    Alrighty folks, let's get another hype-train revved up and rollin'. To start things off, there have been numerous mounting claims of the future primed version of Loki, and it's only inevitable that DE follow their insurmountable requests and demands made by their players and users. So, with the addition of melee 2.0, it would only make sense that their next prime would/should be more melee orientated (and/or melee friendly.)

    Unless DE decides to create an entirely separate melee class warframe, (which is really not needed here, I mean really. Valkyr. Loki. Ash. Heck, even Excalibur, Rhino, and even Trinity could count, not to mention the vast majority of other frames already have some form on synergy with some aspect of melee combat,) we sh…

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  • Aponatraza


    February 27, 2014 by Aponatraza

    So... spoiler alert incomming, but as much as many have either dreaded or drooled over, the critically aclaimed Rhino is recieving a new counterpart. Any thoughts and/or concerns with giving the Warframe community a new highly-debated frame? (considering the high amount of community debate over the current Rhino.) 

    1) Would he be worth the time farming parts for?

    2) If his parts are tradable, should we sell 'em for plat, or do the smart thing and hoard it all to ourselves?

    3) Would his new polarizations stand up to a polarized regular rhino? (maybe one or two forma for you forma junkies)

    Here's just a wee bit of food for thought for y'all and a very note-worthy discussion topic.

    Fellow Pastafarian out


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