Alrighty folks, let's get another hype-train revved up and rollin'. To start things off, there have been numerous mounting claims of the future primed version of Loki, and it's only inevitable that DE follow their insurmountable requests and demands made by their players and users. So, with the addition of melee 2.0, it would only make sense that their next prime would/should be more melee orientated (and/or melee friendly.)

Unless DE decides to create an entirely separate melee class warframe, (which is really not needed here, I mean really. Valkyr. Loki. Ash. Heck, even Excalibur, Rhino, and even Trinity could count, not to mention the vast majority of other frames already have some form on synergy with some aspect of melee combat,) we should see some prime variant of either Loki, or even Ash (Ash prime talk is nearly non-existant, but it is a very distinct possibility.) 

What should we all expect from the shiny new void-fresh-smelling Loki Prime? Pretty much what you would expect from just about any other primed frame. Looks aside, prime frames are nothing but an economic petting zoo of purchasing power or a show of grinding endurance for a meager improvement over their original counterparts. (see just about every prime rage forum post if you're new to this whole schpiel.) Most primes got another polarized slot, as well as a different set of polarizations. Want the same thing? Use a forma or two. (Ember prime was short-handed the extra polarized slot as a worthy side-note.) The only noticable change from standard to prime frames was the Gold iron skin, and the small speed buff on Rhino Prime that has recently caused quite the ruckus. With stat-changing helmets all the rage lately, Rhino Vanguard users can expect Loki speeds, which for some has caused a matter of conflict seeing how "tanks are slow," or "Rhinos (fat unicorns, really) should be slow by nature, not lightning fast enemy shredding machines." (there has also been talk about making all helmets stat-less too, but that deserves a completely different forum post.)

Unless DE really decides to rework all the primes, Loki prime should not be unlike all the other primes when it comes to all the hype and hysteria. Flashy looks, different polarities, maybe some neglegible stat changes, you name it.

Should you get your wallet ready for plat harvesting? That's your decision. Is the hype real and ready to be unleashed? All great things have small beginnings. Is he really going to be worth the trouble to grind for? Whatever makes you sleep at night. 

With all prime discussions, what are your thoughts about Loki Prime? What should he improve on based upon his predecessor? Should he get some flashy bling like Rhino Prime? Should he not be so squishy? Why can't Ash and Loki users just get along? Why can't all the primes truely be "prime"? Leave your feedback below as to be a catalyst for future discussions.

Fellow Pastafarian out.


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