Alrighty folks, I might as well create a blog so everyone under the sun may discuss this topic openly since it is now a heated debate amongst some members of the community. The new hot poker under peoples' rears is the new debate as to whether the Broken War or the Nikana Prime is better.

So what does the Broken War have goin' for it? It has 90 base dmg, 15% crit Chance, and a dismal 1.5x Crit Multiplier. Status Chance is at 10%, which is ok-ish for most builds, unless you're into status builds for CC, but that's all user preference. The big kicker here is that we have access to the Crimson Dervish stance, which has notably high multipliers on basic attacks. Simply put, the Broken War is one hell of a glorified Sentient Slam Chop. You see enemies, you slam through them, and you chop them to pieces. Simple as that. The only stipulation is that if you're looking to go for a crit build, you can either go the route of Blood Rush builds and go for straight crit chance and red crits, or you can go the easier route and throw on organ shatter. Whatever boats your float.

As for the shiny new Nikana Prime, it has a super uber 95 base dmg, a whole gigantic 5 extra dmg over the Broken War,20% crit chance with a 2x crit multiplier. It also sports a lovely 20% status chance, which is easier to build for status, but if you don't want to go that route, it will proc every once and a while. Now, the stances available do not have as high of combo multipliers, but some say they flow more, are easier to do, look pretty swanky, whatever have you, but in all reality, once you have berserker going, combos don't really matter a whole lot, so long as you can hit things at Sanic SpeeeeeEEEEeeed.

So, with those sorts of numbers, the Nikana Prime should excel with crit builds, seeing how the base stats are higher, but as far as raw DPS goes, you would think that the Crimson Dervish multipliers would pull the Broken War ahead. However, with a Blood Rush build, depending on your loadout, logically speaking, the Broken War should have higher numbers with a lower combo count, but as it climbs, due to a lower Crit Dmg multiplier, it doesn't increase as fast as the Nikana Prime's 2x multiplier. As your combo count climbs, your crit chance will rise as well, and as the multipliers increase, the Nikana's multiplier will outshine the Broken War's lower multiplier. Then again, my math, linear and exponential scaling may be rubbish. Ergo, depending on your build, your results may vary.

So, lets get those numbers crunching and get some "constructive" feedback going. The power creep may be a myth, or oh so very real, however you look at it, weapons are getting "stonker," and enemies in survival still keep scaling till you can't keep up anymore. Whether or not you consider lvl 100+ enemies in survival/def end game, that's the hardest challenge Warframe can offer. (that's a whole different discussion that is hashed out in numerous other places.) Leg's get some discussion going and see what y'all think!

(side note, I don't do math calculations for a living, so my logic may be off. I'm military, so my mind is in other places. I also try to write more casually as most of my work is super cut n' dry and boring. Any criticism is acceptable so long as you have it in an official memorandum stating all criteria for improvement, and any subsequent additions must be submitted in an addendum to your original posting.)

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