I am getting a little bit sick of bugs/glitches and derps every single update/patch, Don't get me wrong, i believe in DE and think they have a very competent team that listens to the playerbase and takes a ton of influence from it. 

I feel like they need a couple of patch/update/event testers, pick 10 or 20 "hardcore" player that have the will and dedication to test this kind of stuff for maybe 1 or 2 days, write everything down and report it back to DE. I wouldn't mind if new content get's delayed this way or needs more time to get fixes, i know that there will always be bugs and glitches during updates, that is quite common in almost every single game. The point is, major derps could be avoided this way and save people a lot of time/trouble.

Talking about the raptor drops, weapon glitches, RNG mess ups, event glitches ( corruptor stacking for example ), UI bugs and all sorts of annoying things that upset player.

Every time i log back into the game after a hotfix or update, i notice a new disturbance in the force almost withing the first 30 minutes of going through the content. Some of the things are so obvious that i have no idea if DE even tests their stuff or just slaps it into the update and waits for the forum to unleash the "WTF DE?!?! WAT IS DIS SHIT? FIX NAO" horde.

I have no idea if a seperate client for patches/updates would take too much time to set up or what the reasons are to not do it that way, all this was just going through my mind after 400 hours ( 800 according to steam .. ) of warframe.

I know there are some smart players out there, willing to look through updates and find as many bugs as possible.

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