• Arkuus

    This guide is written for Update 17.7.1

    This build focuses on buffing Hysteria, keeping drain low and damage high, while mostly ignoring area buffs and debuffs. It utilizes two forma in its basic form (adding two Vazarin polarities), and four if you're using Primed Continuity and Flow (adding a Madurai and Naramon polarity). All of the mods I use are max rank.

    Aura: Steel Charge

    This aura's high mod capacity bonus and buff to our Hysteria damage make it irreplaceable

    Exilus Mod: Rush

    Valkyr's high base movement speed make this a pretty good option, but Firewalker can also be considered

    Narrow Minded

    This mod is pretty amazing with Hysteria considering the fact that duration mods now lower the rate of energy drain on relevant abilities, and that t…

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