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  • Askydra

    Someone told me that my warframe ideas were terrible cause they didn't follow the laws of physics...

    Can someone try to explain in what way the following abilities follow the laws of physics?

    • Ashs Teleport                                            - Explained
    • Ashs Blade Storm                                      - Explained
    • Frosts Snow Globe                                     -Explained (somewhat)
    • Lokis Invisibility                                          - Explained
    • Lokis Switch Teleport                                 - Explained
    • Lokis Radial Disarm                                   - Explained
    • Mags Crush                                               - Explained
    • Novas Null Star                                          - Explained
    • Novas Antimatt…

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  • Askydra

    Can someone please help me??

    I've looked into sketching a time based frame but I can't seem to come up with a good way to sketch it... PLEASE someone help me!

    I've already looked into the "space" idea and it's no good, IMO space can't be sketched into a frame :/

    Other idea i had was something like Zilean (from LOL) but he just has a big ass clock on his back :/


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  • Askydra

    Ideas For New Frames

    August 9, 2013 by Askydra

    If there is a warframe that you wish too see leave me a message and I'll do my best to make it for you ^^ (I will put in more effort than on my own :P)

    2x | aurapolarity = }}

    I just sketched this today and ive thought about the abilities but i want to know what you think ^^

    I already know I'm terrible at sketching...

    On her shoulders there are wings (of laser) and one is off the other is on :P

    in the middle of her face there is a Bloodsucking "mouth" to accompany her abilities.

    • Drain Life (steals HP in a cone in front of caster) 25 energy.
    • Blood Form (turns caster into liquid form and lets her pass through enemies and during this time she can't recieve any damage) 50 energy
    • Vampiric Bats (lets out 5-10 (lvl dependant) mechanic bats hurting ene…

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  • Askydra


    August 2, 2013 by Askydra

    Supports in warframe are warframes that can in some way help teammates, not just kill everything. Almost all warframes have some kind of ability like this but they still can't be counted as supports. I'm only listing the abilities and then it's up to you to decide which frames are supports or not.

    Examples on this kind of ability: (think i got all but correct me if I'm wrong :P)

    • Banshees Sonar, show enemies weakspots and increases damage dealt to that area.
    • Frosts Snowglobe, shields teammates inside from projectiles.
    • Lokis Switch Teleport, can switch places with a downed allies.
    • Lokis Radial Disarm, will force ranged enemies to go melee.
    • Mags Shield Polarize, can grant 50% shield to teammates (if maxed).
    • Rhinos Iron Skin, keeps Rhino alive while …

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  • Askydra

    Seriously can anyone explain why the obsession of gender in a 3rd person shooter game?

    I would've understood if this was a MMORPG or even RPG but i just can't seem to understand peoples minds when it comes to this... "EWW I can't be a girl cause thats "crossdressing" -.- seriously are you like 5 years old????

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