Someone told me that my warframe ideas were terrible cause they didn't follow the laws of physics...

Can someone try to explain in what way the following abilities follow the laws of physics?

  • Ashs Teleport                                            - Explained
  • Ashs Blade Storm                                      - Explained
  • Frosts Snow Globe                                     -Explained (somewhat)
  • Lokis Invisibility                                          - Explained
  • Lokis Switch Teleport                                 - Explained
  • Lokis Radial Disarm                                   - Explained
  • Mags Crush                                               - Explained
  • Novas Null Star                                          - Explained
  • Novas Antimatter Drop                                - Explained
  • Novas Wormhole                                        - Explained
  • Novas Molecular Prime                               - Explained
  • Nyxs Mind Control                                      - Explained
  • Nyxs Psychic Bolts         
  • Nyxs Chaos                                               - Explained
  • Nyxs Absorb
  • Rhinos Iron Skin                                         - Explained
  • Rhinos Roar                                               - Explained
  • Trinitys Well Of Life                                    - Explained
  • Trinitys Energy Vampire                              - Explained
  • Trinitys Link                                               - Explained
  • Trinitys Blessing                                        - Explained
  • Vaubans Bastille                                        - Explained
  • Vaubans Vortex                                        
  • Volts Electric Shield

I will mark all the explained abilities after having them explained (if possible)

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