I cannot believe how many people read a blog post to then decide to comment... And do nothing but try and argue against you. Sure, having disagreements is fine but picking at my choice of an ability name or describing Mag as a pure damage frame (Which she is, by the way.) isn't why I make a particular blog post... Discuss what I'm trying to get out there, is it about new frames? Then lets talk about new frames! Is it about new weapons? Then lets talk about new weapons!

Stop posting butt hurt comments because I said one single thing that you didn't agree with, stay on topic or don't say anything at all. It clogs up the comment section with brainless mud batter, got nothing to contribute to the conversation but just to note on my spelling, disagree on something subjective or just feel like you've wronged isn't why I made the topic... 

It's to discuss the topic at hand!

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