Well, as many of you have probably seen I made a post a little while ago on how PvP would be required in Warframe in the long term unless there are huge fixes in the PvE experience. 

Due to some popular demand... I posted it on the forums as well, even if I knew what kind of shitstorm was going to arrive! 

Guess what happened? 

I was locked out of my OWN topic and post.

Of course I followed up with wanting to have a explanation for my post being locked, considering that it wasn't breaking the rules. It was discussing on how a PvP system would work, why it would be needed and how it could be implimented in a calm and very littirate, respectful manner. Yet, it was locked!

Do you know what explanation I received?

"The community gets riled up and people get angry. Therefore we're locking your post."

Does anyone else see the issue with this? Should I be punished for the crimes of others? I don't think so. 

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