We've all seen the damage oriented frames, the elemental based frames and the stealthy frames... Then there are some of those more interesting, unique ones that peak around the corner or frames with an ability that holds so much promise but never fully realized it. 

The large amount of "Pure damage" Warframes is staggering, Ember, Nova, Mag and so on. We have the few nice utility Warframes such as Loki & Vauban... In others, like Nova, there are some hints are awesome utility abilities. Her Wormhole for example, or Rhino's Roar... Imagine, instead of Rhino having his 4th ability being a damage orientation ability, maybe it would instead lower the health of all enemies who hears a different kind of shout? 

In short I just want to say... Why aren't there more utility based Warframes? You got any ideas for future Warframes? Why do you think that they are focusing on damage based Warframes? Add them any ideas  below, if I see any really interesting I'll edit this post and add them up here!

I'll have to make this clear because some people do not seem to understand the point of this post. What do YOU want for future Warframes? My own idea of there needing to be utility frames isn't the topic, I'm asking you what YOU want, critizising my idea for a frame is quite pointless when you've provided nothing to the conversation.

My own idea:

  • A buff and nerf frame that specializes in amping up the damage of friendlies and lowering the damage output of enemies. Something that would go something like this; 

1: Confusion

Pulls the aggro away from yourself to a certain degree, redirecting it for a moment.

2: Encumberment

Slows the attack speed output of nearby enemies, as well as their movement speed. (Balancing would be required.)

3: Attrition

Lowers nearby enemies health and armor by a certain percent. (Balancing would be required.)

4: Call to Arms

Boosts all friendlies damage output by lets say... 25%? (Balancing would be required.)

Mechanics of abilities: 

I imagine it would perhaps work slightly like the Vauban's abilties, that it is equipped and stays in placed for a certain amount. Maybe it is a extra sentinel that is equipped and works as a sort of "point of release" and only has a certain amount of range? So enemies and friendlies would have to within the aura of this buff/nerf abilities. This is to make it so it's more usable during missions that are not just defense, if it's like the Nova's M-prime then it wouldn't be very effective in mobile missions and would only be used in defense missions.

Comment ideas: 

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