People, like myself, who have been playing Warframe for 100+ hours have surely all been using a lot of weapons during their gaming experience. Just like all of the other shooters out there we got the standard assault rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles and this is where I start to cringe when new weapons are released on Warframe. 

The last few ones have been prime weapons (I do not blame them, there was a huge need for new primed weapons.) as well as the Vasto. However, I feel that many of the guns are very similar, the same with the melee options. The kogake was a huge hit for me due to how original it was. The game has many weapons that are extremely similar to eachother with just a new skin and a different set of stats... Unique weapons are always more entertaining to use, like the Kogake, Bow's and such. 

I'm curious, what would you guys like to see in the future when it comes to weapons? I myself have a few ideas..

Primary: Arc Rifle (It has a pretty basic premise, we got the Ignis... Let's get a electrical version of it. It's shot's transfer from enemy to enemy a certain amount, lets say the arbitrary number 3, a load up discharge weapon very similar to the ogris in its firing mechanism.) 

Secondary: Some kind of grenade. ( This is a bit of a stray from the normal weapons Tenno use, however, it would sure give people some more flavour to their arsenal. To say that this isn't really part of the ninja arsenal would be stupid... Considering we have the ogris... Also, Ninjas actually used different forms of grenades, but surely not assault rifles.)

Melee: Nun-chucks or Tensen ( Wtf devs?! These are like one of the most obvious choices for a ninja's arsenal! ... Sure, the Tensen is a samurai weapon, still, the Tensen could be the first true defensive melee weapon, folding it out and having it absorb much more damage then normal melee weapons when blocking. (A Tensen is a japanese folding fan used for both defensive and offensive combat. Gunsen was the wrong word for it, now edited.))

So far I've seen very interesting ideas such as... 

A yo-yo blade weapon ( I suppose it would work like a yo-yo <.<... With blades around the spinny thingy.)

Javelin's. (We seriously need more throwing weapons then just the Glaive and kestrel, something that doesn't resemble too much of a boomerang.)

Kusari-gama (A small schythe attached to a link chain, a throwing weapon that is then pulled back for re-use.) 

Grineer Lancer Shield ( I'm not sure how to impliment this, maybe it would be instead of a primary or secondary, refusing all offense for very strong defense? )

Grappling hook (For mobility and short range attacks, pulling in enemy targets to melee range but with a short wind up time.)

Crossbows (Higher base damage and crit chance but with reload times.)

Claws (One would think that they should've already added these.)

Sais (Look em' up... Or watch a episode of TMNT ... :D )

Shark... Launcher! ( Jokes! )

So far you've guys have provided much better weapon ideas then I've seen the dev's provide in the last updates. Keep hitting me with ideas for weapons whether they be offensive or defensive. 

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