as a dedicated fan of warframe(over 300 hours played ) i can honestly say that this game may die in the next year due to the fact that there is no type of story or replay value to this game. lets be honest here ppl if there was little to no grind in warframe would u still be playing? if there wasn't a new wepon every couple weeks or so would u logg in to try it out? ask your selfs those questions while reading this article. this game needs a story and it neeeeddds it bad! not saying it doesnt have one but more in depth. maybe they can make a co-op story we can play with our friends and replaying it different ways gives u different rewards. thing like that would really help new players get into the game and the veterans get back into the game. the last time they gave us anything lore related was mupdate 9 and that was months ago(p.s we are still waiting on vor's prize). i dont want to rant but i just love this game too much to watch it fall hard, hopefuly they have something in the works for us. all we can do is hope.

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