• Atulinen

    This time we are talking about this:


    What is this? Truth be told, I don't know. It may be an equivalent of Prime Access or Founders.

    What else can we see on that carousel?

    • Nyx Prime
    • Lepus Hedgear
    • Affinity Booster
    • Rakta Syandana
    • Rubedo Rhino Skin
    • Rubedo Twin Vipers Skin
    • Rubedo Drakgoon Skin
    • Rubedo Galatine Skin
    • Dual Ichors
    • Braton Vandal
    • Platinum
    • Twin Gremlin
    • Jaw Sword
    • Frost
    • Brown Mod Pack
    • Shade
    • Loki
    • Boltor
    • Braton Prime
    • Gold Mod Pack
    • Frost Prime
    • Gorgon Wraith
    • Gold, Silver and Brown Fusion Core Packs
    • Gold Mod Pack once again

    Mind you, that it is merely an information. I'm not trying to start "OMG SUMPO BOUGHT DE WTF P2W PSP BBQ" riot.

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  • Atulinen

    Apparently a clearer picture of the Nunchucks appeared on one of Chinese forums:


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  • Atulinen

    Warframe China will most probably get an exclusive frame and weapon based on Chinese mythology. If you saw the Chinese trailer ... Yeah, it's probably the nunchucks.

    Also, someone from Marvel is working on it, and there was something about Tenno working with the Avengers (lol)

    Most probably one of the requirements for the deal with PWE to pass was that Chinese version will get exclusive content. Most of the games in China do, so it's not a solitary cause, but still, it somewhat irks me, that we may not get Nunchucks from their trailer after all...


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