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  • Aurentus

    Welcome to Update: Lunaro!

    This post will be flushed out in the coming nights and days.

    Getting Started

    (How do I join a game?)

    • Lunaro is accessed from the conclave menu in your orbiter or one of the Tenno Relays.
    • There is a small bar at the bottom of the "Lunaro" rectangle button that says "Practice". Click it. Seriously.
    • The game is for any number of players between 2 (1v1) and 6 (3v3).
    • When you try joining a match, make sure your matchmaking settings (Public, Invite, Friends, Solo) are set to how you want them, as Lunaro games will obey those choices. (With the exception of Solo, which will refuse to launch.)

    (Which Team Am I?)

    • It is a Team game. You will be assigned to either Moon (blue) or Sun (orange).
    • On your warframe's left arm, there will b…

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  • Aurentus

    I'll try to make this short and sweet.

    I'm new to the wikia community, officially at least. I'm a warframe founder that came back to the game about three weeks ago after a long break. I'm very intrigued by the lore of warframe, and I have some experience professionally writing fiction. There is a lot of material revealed, and even more hints about the origins and characteristics of the factions, items, and world. Most warframe players seem to have little or no concept of the rich backstory that has been drafted by DE. Especially with the (re)introduction of the sentients, there is a lot of fun material to play with. 

    The bits and piece of information are spread out among a vast number of codex entries and dialogue, which seems to result in p…

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