Welcome to Update: Lunaro!

This post will be flushed out in the coming nights and days.

Getting Started

(How do I join a game?)

  • Lunaro is accessed from the conclave menu in your orbiter or one of the Tenno Relays.
  • There is a small bar at the bottom of the "Lunaro" rectangle button that says "Practice". Click it. Seriously.
  • The game is for any number of players between 2 (1v1) and 6 (3v3).
  • When you try joining a match, make sure your matchmaking settings (Public, Invite, Friends, Solo) are set to how you want them, as Lunaro games will obey those choices. (With the exception of Solo, which will refuse to launch.)

(Which Team Am I?)

  • It is a Team game. You will be assigned to either Moon (blue) or Sun (orange).
  • On your warframe's left arm, there will be a ribbon of your team's color.
  • Your energy color will also be set to your team's color, and your teammates will have nameplates, but your enemies will not. (On default settings. This can be changed.)

(Winning the Game)

  • There are two halves to the game. You will get a score screen and be reset to starting positions at halftime.
  • The pitch is divided into three zone, Moon | Mid | Sun.
  • In each team's zone, there is a brightly lit ring that is their goal.
  • At the end of the second half, the team with the most points wins.


  • Score a point by sending the ball ("The Lunaro") through your enemy's goal.
  • An additional point is awarded if the ball was thrown from outside your enemy's zone.
  • An(other) additional point is awarded if the ball was unstable (purple) at some point after the throw.
  • When your team scores, any teammates inside the enemy zone must leave before they are able to continue playing. Teammates who started outside, may immediately enter, however.

(The ball aka "The Lunaro")

  • The ball ("The Lunaro") changes colors based on which team controls it.
  • The colors white, blue, and orange have no mechanical significance, but help you to keep track of turnovers.
  • The color purple denotes an "unstable" ball. This ball cannot be picked up, thrown, or caught. It will stagger or knock down any player coming in contact.

(Catching and Carrying)

  • You catch/ pick up the ball automatically. Make sure you physically collide with the ball, and you will grab it with your Arcata (your Warframe lacrosse stick).
  • If you carry the ball for more than three seconds, you will be staggered and drop it. There is a pulsing tone that helps you keep track of this time.
  • Movement is as normal, except that Bullet Jumping will cause you to drop the ball if you are carrying it.


  • Press "E" to do a short charge forward or kick. This is called checking. Checking a player holding the ball will knock it free, allowing you or a teammate to pick it up.
  • You can approximate Bullet Jumping by using "E"'s charge.
  • Checking the ball will send it flying forward and render it unstable.

(Throwing and Swatting)

  • Left-Click will throw the ball.
  • If you don't have the ball, left-clicking will swing your stick, allowing you to swat a purple ball safely.
  • It will also allow you to stagger and stun-lock enemy players, but if you do this, you're a word I can use on r/Warframe but not the wiki.
  • If you throw the ball while there is an appropriately colored chevron above your teammates head, it will be an "auto-pass", flying faster and having homing capabilities.

(Ball Attractor aka "WTF is up with the ball's physics?")

  • Right-Click will toggle your "ball attractor". It is not necessary to have this active to catch the ball. This will cause the ball to bend towards you in flight.
  • The ball is more susceptible to being attracted the longer it has been in flight.
  • This can be used either offensively or defensively.

Know Major Bugs

  • (Uncommon) Your Arcata can become bugged, resulting in you unable to contribute for the remainder of the match. If this is the case, you'll notice "E" and "Left-Click" do not respond and do not play any animation. This resolves on its own at either Halftime or a New game, but it's probably better to abort and re-enter.
  • (Frequent) If the host player leaves between games, and the new host is originally from Moon Team, the matchmaking system will continue to fill players as if the new host is still on Moon, leading to 3v1, or even 4v2.
  • (Rare) If you zone in to a grassy field map, you will be unable to play. It appears that this is a yet-to-be-released map in a vaguely aztec style. It's beautiful, but the goals aren't actice, and so no team will be able to score.
  • (Contested) There is the possibility that auto-pass is (incorrectly) locking on to teammates outside your field of view. This results in you throwing to a teammate directly behind you, instead of trying to score. <Mentioned in the Devstream, but not fixed yet.>
  • (Frequent) Only the host can gain credit toward Conclave Daily Challenges. Weekly progress is assigned correctly. Joining a match mid-game still doesn't allow progress, but otherwise seems to be working normally.

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