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    November 13, 2014 by Avicou

    With update 15 came the Syndicate system, in which “reputation points” could be earned through missions and traded for goods like mods, keys, and consumables. Players soon ran into an issue: Reputation points a lot of time and energy to farm for. It takes 1,224,300,000 experience points to reach maximum rank in a single syndicate (thanks Jeloxale), not counting any points deducted for a “favor” (sigil, mod, consumable).

    With the recent so called “Viver Warframe” changes- these warframes being Excalibur, Mag, Trinity, and a select few others- that came out in 15.2.0 and the resultant forum post by DE_Steve himself concerning the half-bakedness of these changes, there has been a lot of discussion on this matter and this is simply my take on i…

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    Update 14.5!... Seriously?

    August 29, 2014 by Avicou

    New stuff? Check. Tonfas! Microwave gun! Freeze ray! Awesome!

    New event! New Mission type! New tileset! Oberon buff! Hype! Hype! Hype!

    And then...

    The mods.


    This is horrible. This is unnacceptable. Here's what the UI team has been done:

    UPDATE 14.0

    Dorian: They don't like the new UI! 

    Pablo: Let's set up a feedback thread! And reply twice before ignoring it entirely!

    Dorian: Yes!

    • time passes*

    UPDATE 14.1

    Pablo: The players say it's a huge step back from the old UI. Maybe we should revisit it?...

    Dorian: Of course not. Let's claim that our artistic license trumps things like usability and 7 million players not liking it.

    Both: But what about the people who get physically ill from the new UI?

    Both: ... Well f%& those guys.

    • more time passes*

    UPDATE 14.2(the we…

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    Yesterday, DE had their first Devstream with an audience in Germany. There some big reveals that show quite a bit of promise for Warframe. I don't remember everything and I don't feel like watching the Devstream over again(which is here) but here are some highlights:

    -New ice themed tileset and planet, which ties into the event we have on now.

    -New mission type to replace Survival on planets.

    -New enemies, like the Infested MOA.

    -Tyl Regor Rework.

    -A new tileset that's still in concept stage, but is supposed to be set underwater and has a swimming movement set.

    -J3 will be re-worked and re-introduced.

    -Kubrow customization are coming back.

    -More combos for stances.

    And then there was the BIG reveal. It's at 47:40 of the Devstream video. 

    It is......…

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    Unfinished Business

    August 13, 2014 by Avicou

    Update 14.2.0 just came out about an hour ago. With it comes the weekend event/ 30 minute timewaster called the Avalanche Offensive. We have to kill 100 Arctic eximuses(eximusi? eximii?) in a mission that's on par with Nightmare mode: Halved shields, powerful enemies, lots of slowness.

    My issue is not with the event itself, or even the reward (3 day affinity booster, for those who are wondering).

    My issue is that DE put out an event (granted, a small one) when:

    ~UI still makes people sick and still is hardly functional when it's frozen altogether.

    ~Gameplay is still hectic, with random dissconnects and very frequent "Progress was not saved, updating       profile", which has a chance of not saving any experience or rewards(Looking at you, Void…

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    As of now, I have played every single (non-primed) warframe to some extent, enough to be dissatisfied in some way because I'm a nitpicky brat. I've asked around, and most people seem to have at least a small problem with most warframe's abilities. This is a list of tweaks and small changes I have compiled from my brainspace that I think would help the warframes. 

    I put the classifying part in as a quick description of the playstyle of ALL the powers. This is mostly for reminding purposes, so we don't get too carried away(RHINO STOMP KILL EVERYTHING BLARRRRRRR).

    Terms used: 

    Offensive: Having heavy attack damage based powers/Agro drawing powers

    Defensive: Having  deflective, escape, or blockading powers/Having especially high SH/HP stats

    PAIRED …

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