Yesterday, DE had their first Devstream with an audience in Germany. There some big reveals that show quite a bit of promise for Warframe. I don't remember everything and I don't feel like watching the Devstream over again(which is here) but here are some highlights:

-New ice themed tileset and planet, which ties into the event we have on now.

-New mission type to replace Survival on planets.

-New enemies, like the Infested MOA.

-Tyl Regor Rework.

-A new tileset that's still in concept stage, but is supposed to be set underwater and has a swimming movement set.

-J3 will be re-worked and re-introduced.

-Kubrow customization are coming back.

-More combos for stances.

And then there was the BIG reveal. It's at 47:40 of the Devstream video. 

It is.................. The Archwing. 

In Update 15 we get introduced to a whole new dimension of battle: IN SPACE.

Which is... Not what I expected, nor what I wanted.

It screws up the game's continuity. We cannot breathe in airless environments- both Survival and Infested Sabotage/hive sabotage prove this, as well as breaking any windows in a Corpus ship. And yet here's Excalibur with his Gundam-esque fairy wings shooting/swording down Oxium Ospreys with NO head gear on whatsoever. I hope you can hold your breath, Tenno.

What I think most players that are somewhat ingrained with the game/have watched Devstreams past were expecting the reveal of the Focus system.

For those who don't know what that is/was/may be, here's a brief rundown: 

We currently get XP to level Warframes, weapons, and companions. With Focus, the experience we get on maxed out(level 30) equipment would go towards "lenses", which would pay attention to the attributes of the Tenno(you), and not the Warframe(Excalibur/Mag/Volt/etc.). This would open up a huge pool of untapped potential. All the XP you get from high level missions(which are usually played with maxed gear) will no longer be wasted. It may affect gameplay by giving the Tenno himself/herself a passive or more abilities that could be used regardless of frame, maybe drawing from a different type of energy pool. I found a thread that may have inspired the Focus system, called Harmony, if you want the most in-depth explanation that's been offered by anyone to date.

And the last mention of Focus on a stream was in February.

What are your thoughts on the steam, new content to come, and the Archwing? Discuss!

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