When invasions were first implemented, the balance remained pretty steady in terms of which factions controlled which planets. However, since the Harvester came along, people have been fighting the the Corpus so much that they have destroyed their hold on two planets: Eris and Europa. 

What the hell is this? Do you want to get rid of the Corpus completely? I know the Detron is exciting, but it's not that good.

Here's how the planet control stands at the time of this writing:

Grineer: Mercury, Earth, Europa, Saturn, Phobos, Uranus, Eris, Ceres.

Corpus: Venus, Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter.

The rest of the planets have some of each faction.

My question to everyone on the wiki is, should DE implement handicaps against this kind of issue? Maybe a timer that resets the planets to their original faction, or another rebalancing that would give the Corpus the planets they have more nodes on than the Grineer.

EDIT: I saw several great ideas in the comments, such AS:

- Giving the Grineer a Harvester-type creature.

-Having the Lotus punish the Tenno for tilting the balance of the solar system.

-MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: Giving people a new way to attract the freakin' Harvester!

Also, I do now realize that U12 will potentially bring a new faction and (smaller chance) new planets, so maybe the balance will work out. Keep discussing!

Also, just a point: I'm going to bring this to the forums in a few days, and I'll bring the best ideas you have as some solutions. Log in or leave your in-game alias/warframe alias.

EDIT 2: Neptune is now being invaded. And the Grineer are kicking Corpus milk.

EDIT 3: While playing Darvo's U12 alert, I heard something about a new corpus project. I think this may be the problem solver.

EDIT 4: I saw the livestream, Project Tethra(or something close to that) is supposed to remedy the issue.

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