Hello Warframe Wiki! A quick intro as this is my first blog: My name is Avicou. I am an avid artist(but I usually work in 3D) and was recently inspired with a new idea for a Warframe. My inspiration came from this frame that was sadly outvoted for the Nova(don't get me wrong though,Nova kicks ass):  
Anubnew by vicdelacruz-d64osfd

Anubis Warframe V3, by VicDeLaCruz/Bloodraptor.

Here's the post by the artist: Warframe Anubis, and a video indorsement by NicBrolnc, whose artwork was featured on the latest Livestream: Vote for the Anubis Warframe!    

My inspiration came in the form of a stark contrast: We have a Rhino, and this is one epic Wolf. But what about birds?

I came up with a duo idea in my head, to introduce both Anubis and the bird frame in the same update, through something similar to Void Missions. (Maybe now a new boss like Alad V.)

I have some rough artwork(like I said, I work with 3D) and some ideas for abilities.  Behold, Aquila!


This photo is a)horrible quality(THANKS IOS 7) and b) being a freakin' prick and won't turn around the right way. She is not meant to be that bootylicious.                                        

Some ideas for abilities(everything is up to discussion): 

Featherknife(25): The feathers in her fore-arms shoot out and grow quills to impale enemies. Deals 75/85/95/110 damage.

Hypersonic Sweep: (50 energy)

Range: 15/20/20/25 in-game meters

Aquila charges forward with immense speed, tearing enemies in her way to pieces, staggering them and dealing 150/150/250/350 physics impact damage to each enemy hit. Can hit up to 4/4/5/6 foes.

Wings of Hope: (75 energy)

Massive wings grow out of Aquila's back, ragdolling and knocking back any nearby enemies and shielding her from 200/400/600/800 damage. Wings last for 10/15/20/30 seconds or until destroyed and Aquila moves faster and is able to jump much higher for as long as they persist. Also, while this ability is activated, Aquila is able to glide when falling from a high object.


Quetzlcoatl(100): Aquila goes berzerk, using her energy to summon a bird/dragon/thing. 15/20/25/30 percent of the damage she takes(enemy fire only) is added to 150/200/250/300 base damage the monster deals. The rest of the damage she'd take is directed to her shields, but the shield have a boosted recharge rate of 5/10/20/25%. The monster would fly quickly from enemy to enemy(5/10/12/15 enemies), dealing damage with wing blades. Similar to Ash's ult, an initial target must be picked(from about 50 meters or below),and if there the targets selected are fewer than the maximum, the beast will attack in order again, from the first one it hit to the second etc.

Thoughts? Constructive criticism? Cupcakes? Please comment below! Thanks for reading!

-Avicou, Gryphus Tech Corp Warframe.

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